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Wedding Signboards for William and Felicidad

I tried calligraphy about a year ago but it was only last June when I committed myself to hone my skills in lettering, particularly brush calligraphy. I actually almost dive in to a lettering class that is costly but I know it will surely get me on the right track as a professional letterer. Although that’s part of my plan, but with the issue of budget, I stick on keeping on practice.

This month, I challenged myself to write the “Word of the Day” by Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue it when a friend ask us to do the decor for a wedding. Two weeks prep is not enough time, thus, we did the basic simple decor yet elegant (will blog it separately).

Well I guess I shouldn’t say “unfortunately” because it gives  me the opportunity to showcase my lettering style. I am not ready, not confident enough to do lettering for a special event. But when the daughter of the bride asked me to do it, it reminds me about the power of saying yes.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.” — Richard Branson

Wedding Signboards

Accepting it was a challenge. First I don’t want to waste the foam boards and ink. So I have to carefully decide what to do with it and what to write. Of course I give credit to Google and Pinterest for giving me ideas on how to style it.

Here Comes the Bride

I was given a rectangle black foam board. Definitely not kind of shape that I want somebody (especially little ones) to carry it considering also the size. So I decided to cut it into a damask frame, drawn white boarder and added some paper rose flower

here comes the bride wedding signboard

Welcome Signboard

I love the combination of the faux calligraphy and the Helvetica font. I did the the lettering and use a Helvetica Font stencil for the sans-serif typeface.

welcome wedding signboards

Wedding Props

This is the last minute wedding props I did for an add-ons. I was really scared to mess with this. But I guessed I nailed it some little corrections though if only I have enough time.

wedding signboard

Writing in a big black sheet is a challenge. especially balancing the letters and style. So I did some drafts but with the issue of fitting the words and centering it turned out different. Actually the banners are not included in my draft but I have to finds ways to style it. But actually tuned out better than my draft.

Welcome wedding signboard

As a perfectionist, I see some flaws on my output but definitely it gives me pride of my work.


Materials Used in Wedding Signboards

Black Foam boards – was purchased at Dollarama. It is available in craft store and school supply section

Bistro Chalk Marker – this is good for writing on smooth surface like the table toppers I did (picture above). But not on foam boards. Because of the porous texture of the foam boards it absorbs the ink easily and it will give you a very light finish.

Craft Decor Chalk Writer – this is better for foam boards. It will give you a striking finish. The letters are very clear. The only think is that the tip is about 3/4 cm in diameter (like a regular chalk) so it’s hard to write fine lines.


Markers are available at your local craft store or check it at Amazon

wedding signboards

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