Turn Your Old CD/DVD Into a Decorative Mosaic Art

The fast changes in technology may have brought as comfort and easy ways to do things. But the major problem, which most people aren’t aware of, is the increase of the accumulation of electronics garbage. Just the disc for saving file alone: from 8 inch floppy disc to 5 ¼ to 3 ½ to CD/DVD to USB and the latest is saving file through online like Dropbox. Sharing file online is by far environment friendly and practical. Only, you need to have access online. So many are still using USB.


DVD/CDs, on the other hand, are now in the obsolete phase though some are still using it. But because DVD/CDs are sensitive to dust and scratches often we have this accumulation of this disk left unused or end up in garbage. Hopefully not! Because there are still ways to reuse it.

There are so many projects to reuse your old CD/DVD. If you have no idea, check out Pinterest board for old CD/DVD craft. Or simply Google it! I got the idea of recycling CD/DVD from those sites. And made a backdrop number with a mosaic of CD/DVD for my friend’s 30ish birthday. He’s not actually 30, he’s older than that. But for us once you reach the age 30, then it stops there. No more adding numbers. I hear you….. DENIAL STAGE! Lol!

CD/DVD Mosaic Art


But first, here’s how to cut a disc. Coz, honestly you need a muscle if you don’t know the technique.

How to Cut CD/DVD?

How to cut cd/dvd?

When I started cutting the disc I thought a craft scissor can easily cut it. But my hands were already sore after trying one disc. And I have to be honest, I almost surrendered. But this crafty girl boss won’t be defeated. “If there’s a will there’s a way!” And so I found the easiest way to cut it without requiring a specialize scissor for plastic.

  1. Bring water to boil. (use a pot that you are no longer using)
  2. Dip the disc about 5 to 10 seconds in the boiling water. This will make the plastic pliable.
  3. Take the disc out from the boiling water and cut it with your regular scissor.
  4. While cutting the hot disc, place another disc in the boiling water. (This will make your job faster especially if you have tons of disc to cut)
  5. When the disc that you are cutting turns cold, dip it back to the boiling water and work on the other disc.  Do it alternately.

Create a CD/DVD Mosaic Art

Now the fun part…

Once you have enough cuts of CD/DVDs you can make a different fun craft out of it. How about a disco ball! I know it’s a neat idea!

But, as I said I made a backdrop number of mosaic CD/DVD for our friend’s birthday.

  1. Cut a number/s (or depending on what you want to create; let’s just use “pattern” as term) using an old cardboard or from a box. The thicker the better. This will help the number to stand still.
  2. I painted the cardboard with silver as a background. (You can skip this process if you think the background color is fine)
  3. Using stick glue, or any adhesive, place the cut CD/DVD on the pattern. Remember that each piece is unique (unless you have a specific dimension of the cut pieces), so carefully plan which piece goes to where.
  4. Then hang it!

CD/DVD Mosaic Art

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