Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

{Thrift Store DIY Project} Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Brighten up your potted plants with this easy and fun way terra cotta pots makeover!

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Beautiful plant pots are great, especially if it’s for indoor plants. So in this post, I will show you an easy and fun way to makeover terra cotta pots.

Terra cotta pots are beauty as its own. But some of us have preferred different aesthetics; thus, we purchased ceramic pots to make planters a well-curated and Instagrammable (if that concerns you), LOL! But really, having beautiful pots add beauty to your collections.

But one way to upgrade your terra cotta pots is by adding decorative patterns. You can paint it or use a decoupage method. We are using the technique of the latter.

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover by Decoupaging

In this thrift store DIY project, we will show you how we transform the terra cotta pots that we bought from a thrift store (0.25 cents each).

We used paper napkins and the prints from disposable table cloth to cover the pots, and the result was amazing!

On a side note, if I am at a party and see a decorative paper napkin, I won’t be using it. Instead, I’ll keep it and use it for crafting. LOL.. same with the tablecloth. Seriously, they are too pretty to be thrown!

You’ll need:

Terra cotta pots
Mod Podge glue
Paper napkin or prints from a disposable table cloth
White paint

Method 1:

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Cover terra cotta pots with white paint. Let it dry completely.

Separate the layers of the napkin (the one that we bought are two-ply paper napkin)

Measure the amount of paper napkin that you will use to cover the terra cotta pots

Cover the terra cotta pots with Mod Podge. Then, carefully place the paper napkin on it.

Finally, put another layer of Mod Podge glue on top of the paper napkin. Let it dry completely.

Method 2

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Follow the process of method 1, but instead of covering the whole pot with a paper napkin, we used cut patterns from the disposable tablecloth.

Then put in on the terra cotta and finished with a layer of Mod Podge glue.

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Tell me what you think of this DIY project, and don’t forget to pin it.

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