Swimwear Fashion Illustration

Swimwear Fashion Illustration: Learning the Basic

Swimwear Fashion Illustration

The heat is on! I can already feel the scourging of the heat although it still Spring here in Alberta.  Oh no, I am not complaining. In fact, I’ve been waiting for this season for so long (like foreverrrr)…. Everybody does.

It’s funny how people complained whenever the weather looks gloomy. Apparently, they are excited for warm weather and spend more hours outside. I can’t blame them, it is hard to hide inside your house and get warm during winter season, not to mention the layers of clothes that you have to wear. Uh! I loathe those winter jackets! But as long as I stay here in Alberta, I know I need them no matter how I hate them. Setting aside those thought because for now it’s Spring time!

Spring is the perfect time to get a dose of Vitamins D, and get those happy hormones activated with the heat of the sun. For me what makes this season a perfect weather (minus the rain), is that sun is out but you can still feel the cool breeze of the air.

But to some, this is not the season yet. They can’t wait for summer which they can wear skimpy clothes and bikinis to finally dip into the lake or simply bask on the sunshine.

Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear Class

Although, I haven’t worn a bikini or any swimwear on my entire life (insert conservative here!), but I love illustrating them.  I guess it’s the easiest one to draw considering that you will only follow the body shape of the croquis. I’ve learned drawing it through the Skillshare class, “Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear”, by Sarah Van Evera.


Prior to enrolling that class, I used to trace croquis which I got for free online. And from there, I drew the clothes, hair, details of the face, and accessories. But after enrolling the class, I learned the very basic technique of drawing a croquis. If you are not a fashion illustrator this class will really give you a “aha!” moment of your life. Like, who could have thought that two trapezoidal shapes are the base of drawing a croquis? Ever wondering “how”. Check Sarah’s class (AFFILIATE LINK ALERT! I get free month when you sign up using my referral link).

Take Me Too Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear Class

Swimwear Fashion Illustration

But eventually I will also make a separate blogpost of drawing croquis. I am interested to teach this skill. But first I need to master it.

Project: Swimwear Fashion Illustration

The “Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear” class is totally a recommended class for aspiring fashion illustrator. I am not professionally taught how to do it, but with this class I could boast that I can actually make my own croquis.

Swimwear Fashion Illustration

I know I still need a lot of sketching to practice the art of fashion illustration. Definitely, Sarah’s class have taught me the foundation on drawing a croquis. Too easy that I can’t stop myself sketching fashion illustration whenever I have spare time.

Perhaps I could have spent my whole summer at our backyard and draw fashion illustrations while enjoying the heat of the sun.

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Watercolor: Winsor and Newton, Brush: Sta Fe Art Supply, Paper: Canson 140 lb Watercolor Paper
Eraser: Staedler, Mechanical Pencil

swimwear fashion illustration

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