Street Style fashion Illustration

Street Style

After painting my first fashion illustration for my cousin’s logo for her boutique, it is now clearer for me which road I should take. Apparently in fashion design and anything that speaks about art and creativity.

Wish I knew it when I was younger, then I haven’t wasted 5 years in engineering. I should have studied fashion croquis instead of circuit design. I should have wasted papers and pens in drafting instead of resistor, capacitor, diode, ICs and other electronics devices. Anyhow, in one way or another, I believe my background in engineering and my past experiences contributed to where I am now. And who knows in the future I will be able to incorporate my knowledge in electronics to my designs.

As for now I have to focus and look forward… moving on to where my heart’s desire.

My cousin’s request for fashion illustration was really a challenge. I have no background in fashion illustration nor solid foundation in watercolor painting. But I have this passion. And when you have that burning desire then you can make it.

The Street Style Fashion Illustration

Something summer-y look, chic and street style.

The top is similar to the dress I illustrated before. So In know already the technique on how to apply the watercolor. But the jeans, I had to study the color and the faded area. It’s a bit challenging. But by watching different videos of illustrator I was able to figure out the technique. Still it’s not my best but there is a room for improvement.

Street Style fashion Illustration

Two things that I learned from this design is that, first, less is better. I was trying to add more hair and as I added more layers I noticed that it wasn’t the design that I pictured out.

Second, if something goes wrong, try tweaking the design by adding accessories. The sunglasses wasn’t part of the plan. But because of the layers of bangs that made it not look good so I decided to add it. Which turned out okay.

As usual my reference for this  fashion illustration are from the items of my cousin’s online shop.


jumper jeans


By the way, my cousins are selling used clothes. She has wide variety of used clothing that are still in good shape, good designs and fashionable. No wonder why customers keep on buying her items. If only I’m near, then definitely will buy from her.

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