How to paint wreath

How to Paint a Single Layered Watercolor Wreath

Watercolor wreath is popular as an add on to your photo or text. It can be used as frame or as a logo. It is also widely use in wedding invitations or other wedding decors.

How to paint wreath

Looking at it can be overwhelming, but the truth is it is easy. In fact I just tried doing it last night. I’ve had watercolor before but never tried a wreath. And because I enjoyed doing it I am going to do a series of tutorials on doing watercolor wreath for this month of August. I will post the tutorial every Tuesday as it is my watercolor day.

FYI: I’m a jack of all trade… and I want to be a master of everything, thus, I need to do and practice everything one day at a time.

If you are new here in my blog here’s what I do in daily basis (Monday to Friday): Monday is more of freebies post, Tuesday is watercolor day, Wednesday is drawing and doodle, Thursday is a craft day, and Friday is lettering.

On Saturday and Sunday? I am going to fit in whatever comes into my mind. 

Okay for this first Wreath Watercolor series, it will be the basic tutorial painting a single layered wreath.


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor paint in your desired color.
    I use Royal LangNickel Essentials Watercolor  Sap Green
  • Brush. I used
    No. 1 brush from Santa Fe Art Supply
  • Water
  • Compass to make circle (Optional)
  • Pencil

Here’s a simple way of painting single layered wreath:

Draw a circle on the paper using compass or you can use any circular object to draw the perimeter. It will serve as your guideline to draw the stem.

How to paint a wreath

Start painting the stem. There’s no need to paint the perimeter right away. Instead you can do it by portion. Then start painting the leaves.

How to paint a wreath


Draw another portion  of stem at the end of a leaf or wherever you want to put the beginning of a new stem. Do this repeatedly until you reach the beginning of the wreath.

How to draw single layered wreath


I told you it’s easy peasy! Next Tuesday, I will do a layered stems and leaves with different colors.


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