Shoe Makeover and Lace Top Refashion

I’m a big fan of bloggers who do refashion, makeover, upcycling, recycling or simply prettifying junks. It amazes me everytime I see transformation of a “once-ugly” thing.

I can see myself hoarding used clothes from thrift shops and refashion it. Back home there are PHP 5.00 used clothes that to some are not so attractive or too big but with some few cuttings and sewing I know it can be transformed into a fashionable dress. I wish I know how to operate sewing machine though. Well actually it is my plan to purchase one.

Moving forward, here’s my first attempt of refashioning a lacy top. This is actually a one-to-two project: shoe makeover and lace top refashion without sewing.


This flat pair of shoe had served me for several summers. Actually the inner part are worn out and needs to go to trash can. But I decided to give it another chance and do some make over using the lace top.

The body hugging, hang lace top is not my fave. It feels like so daring…. Uhmm yup, I’m a bit conservative with dress. When I saw it first thing that came into my mind is to upcycle it. At the end of the post you’ll see how I refashion it. And I did’t sew it.

DIY Shoe Makeover – “The Lacy Shoe”

I found some helpful tutorial about making a lace shoe. This is a no sew method and I am using here a Mod Podge glue. By the way, pardon me for my instructions for this DIY.

Take off the ribbon from the flat shoes clean the surface of the shoe by wiping it. I saved the ribbon for future project.

Off the Ribbon


For this project I used the sleeve of the lace top. The size of both sleeve is enough to cover the pair of shoe.

shoe makeover


Stuff the shoe with paper napkins or anything that you can put to have a solid foundation in the toe part.

stuff the shoe


Apply generous amount of Mod Podge.

2 Apply Mod Podge


Starting at the toe cap, gently place the lace. Put more Mod Podge if needed. Then smoothly cover the entire shoe ending at the back part of the shoe. WARNING: it can really be messy with this procedure.

3 Cover with lace start


Then let it dry for at least 24 hours. Apply more Mod Podge if needed. I put some pin in the middle to secure the lace.

4 pin and dry


Once it dries out completely, trim the edge leaving at least 1 cm then apply Mod Podge and fold the edges.

5. Trim edges


And viola… here’s the new and totally different look of my flat pair of shoes.

makeover shoe

Lace Top Refashion

I have an instant lace sleeveless after cutting the sleeves. I can mix and match it with my other tops. Just like layering it with my white turtle neck top.

Refashioned lace top

Isn’t it cute paired with my lacy shoes?




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