mission happiness through illustrations

The Quest to Spread Happiness Through Illustrations

mission happiness through illustrations

I started this year with my weekly journal called “Project Positivity”. Every Saturday I wrote all the positive things that happened over the week. It also includes positive quotes I read or from the conversation that left remarks in my mind.

I can say that I am a work in progress – from a pessimist person to an optimist. Definitely, journaling positive things have helped me in one way or another. But it is not the only thing that helped me change my outlook in life. Self-help books have a great impact on my life, too.

Currently, I am reading a book titled, “The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life” by  Chris Guillebeau. This book supports my theory of – me being unhappy. Because even before reading this book, I am certain of the two major reasons why I don’t feel happiness.  First, I am living a life without fulfilling my quest here on earth. Second, I have potentials but it is left unused and not shared with anyone.

The kind of life that I want to have, the quest that I want to pursue is very vivid in my mind. But fear has overtaken my desires in life. One of the reasons why my life’s progress is too slow.

Well, the best thing is that at least I know my traits that need to be worked out. Definitely the book, “The Happiness of Pursuit” has encouraged me to chase my dreams. I’ll conquer my fear and follow what my heart says.

Discovering My Quest

It all started from a post in Lettering League, a Facebook group for lettering enthusiasts. A member posted about requesting anyone who’d like to give a snail mail to her mom who is currently under chemo because of breast cancer.

To be honest, even on Facebook and even I am not using my real name, I have this fear that people might ignore and reject me. Anyway, I still commented on her post (self-progress unlock) that I am interested to do it for her mom. So she private messaged me the name and address of her mom.

What I made is a watercolor Illustration for her mom and a simple lettering of the phrase “Keep Up The Fight”.

Breast Cancer Card illustration


After sending my original illustration, I feel a deep happiness inside me. I know I found one of the quests that will give me a true value of myself.

The Mission Happiness through Illustrations

The illustration that I made for this stranger gives me the “aha!” moment of my life. I love to create an art piece and I love to give it to someone. And if I can cheer that someone even through my illustrations, then it also give me a pure joy.

So I created my “Mission Happiness through Illustrations”.

mission happiness through illustrations

If you know someone who is sick and want to receive a snail mail of my illustration, I’d really love to send one. Just email me the information of the person you want me to send the illustration that I will create through my contact form or click the button below.

Contact Me

Don’t worry  I will not spam your email with any ads or future promotion. The conversation will purely be about the information of the person you want me to send the snail mail.  Unless if you join my email list.

Also, I am not doing this because I want attention from people. I am doing this to purely to spread happiness because I believe it will reciprocate and will give meaning to my life.



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