Project Positivity

I believe most of us has New Year Resolutions. Hopefully we’ll be able to stick on what we want to achieve or do next year. Coz honestly I am guilty of not finishing my plans. That’s why I didn’t make resolutions for years now. But for 2017, I commit myself to make a weekly creative journal.

Creative journal means I have to put extra effort in making my mixed-media journal extra exquisite. I’m doing daily journal but it’s impossible to make it look pretty and artistic thus, I decided to make it weekly – a collective input of what my week has been through.


My theme for next year is “Project Positivity”, apparently I will only write any good thing that happens for that week. It also includes any valuable lessons I learned from different resources: books, podcast, and even Bible passage.

I came with this theme, because I need to change gear. I’ve been a pessimist all my life. And if I want change then I must start within and that is to shift from being pessimist to optimist. After all being happy is a daily decision and an inside job.

I actually started this for the past few weeks. It is a struggle to change habit (especially when hormones plays its role) but little by little I believe it will turn out best for me.



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