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Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet Party Giveaways

Tips and tricks on how to make clean and almost perfectly the same
polymer clay ref magnet for your party giveaways.


Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

It’s been years since the last time I used polymer clay. My last project using this medium was the cake topper for my niece’s Little Red Riding Hood themed party who turned one-year-old at that time. So it was three long years. And honestly, I planned to give away the tools and polymer clays but part of me still wants to keep it in which I am glad that I did.

Recently, a friend asked my sister for an idea for a baptism giveaway. And polymer clay was the first thing that came to my mind. Although haven’t tried to make one, but I like challenges like this so I did try to make it.

It was honestly a trial and error at first but I eventually got the hang of it and discovered new techniques.

Tips and Tricks on Making Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

The Base

Materials used: White Sculpey Polymer Clay, Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine, Round Cookie Cutter Size 1.8 in diameter

Tip: To make a sturdy base, stacked  2 polymer clays with thickness 1 and 4 in you Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Use a ceramic tile as your baking surface. Place you stacked polymer clay directly on the ceramic tile and using your cookie cutter to cut the desired shape. Working on the same surface or not transferring the unbaked clay will prevent deformation of polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Stamping Letters

Materials used: Pearlex Powder Bronze Color and Artisan Stamp (Similar product: Martha Stewart Alphabet Stamp Set)

Tip: Apply Pearlex powder directly to the stamp. Tap stamp to remove excess powder. Then, apply to the Polymer Clay.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Polka Dot Design (Blanket)

Materials used: Polymer Clay in pink and white (or use your choice of colors), Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine, Round Cookie Cutter Size

Tip: Run your base color (pink) in the Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine with setting # 4. Make some tiny circle (white polymer clay) and arrange alternately on your base color.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Then run in the Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine with the same thickness setting. Carefully stretch it while running in the machine. Turn your sheet clockwise/counterclockwise and run into the machine again.

Installing the Base and the Blanket

Tip: Fold the polka dot polymer clay sheet like a blanket then cut using a cookie cutter. Cut the desired length as well. Carefully put it on top of the round base and lightly pressed. Make sure the edges are aligned.


Tip: I didn’t wait for the whole design to finish before baking. Instead, I baked them three times. First baking was the stamped base with the blanket. Once it cooled down, I added the face, added its details and hand then baked. The last one was adding the headpiece of the baby.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Details on the face

Materials used: Polymer Clay in skin tone (mix brown and white to achieve this), calligraphy nib or straw, pink Artistic Blend Chalk (you can use pink blush on.. yup! As in  your makeup)

Tip: I used the curve part of the calligraphy nib for the mouth and eyes details. And apply pink Artistic Blend Chalk on the cheeks.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet


Material used: Nail File

Tip: File the rough edges and the excess Pearlex powder on the baked surface of your design to achieve smooth edges and clean output.

Other Tips

To maintain cleanliness, use a baby wipe to clean surfaces. Always make sure that you wipe all the tools that you are using in between of the process including your hands. Work from the lightest color to dark color.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Working a design using polymer clay can be tricky but once you learn the technique and you have the right tools then you’ll find it a fun medium to play with.

So far, those are just the tricky part of making those kawaii ref magnet giveaways. If you have a question please leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it.

Polymer Clay Ref Magnet

Linking this project to Pink Saturday.

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