Sakura micron

{Ey to Zee Featured Art Tool} SAKURA Pigma Micron Micro Pigment Archival Ink Waterproof PENS

When I took engineering degree, the pen that was required for us to use, especially during the drawing class, was the Staedler Mars Technical Pen that comes with different sizes like 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05. You can buy individually or a set with refill caps and ink.

These pens require a great amount of care. It should be used regularly or it will be dried out. It is also not for those who have clumsy hand, because the tip will easily bend. So, you have to be careful of not dropping it or using it too hard.

That time I don’t know if there are another pen similar to it that we can use. Well there is, the Pilot gel pen. But our professor can easily distinguish if we use a different pen. So, Pilot pens are only used to fill small gaps. The reason why we are using it is that we found Staedler Mars technical pen hard to connect broken line, because it will blot easily to paper, a rough line is not a good line and surely a deduction to your grade. But all throughout college years, except from my drawing class, I used Pilot Gel Pen as my writing tool.

The Pigma Micron Pens

Sakura micron

A decade and half later, I discovered a pen that is similar to Staedler Mars Technical Pen; only it’s better – the Pigma Micron Pen. It receives a rave review and good recommendations from different artists. And if only this product was available when I took that drawing class, I believe we can use it as a replacement of that Staedler technical pen.

Pigma Micron Pen comes in different sizes and color. The first pens I bought are number 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05in black color. They are also the exact pen sizes I used during college years.

Buying it individually will cost you more. So I’d rather go for a set. The set that I bought at Michaels includes pen sizes: 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 1 and a brush pen. I don’t care much about the brush pen. It’s my least favorite. I had a separate blog post about the comparison of brush pens. But for this blog post I am going to write about the Pigma Micron pens’ pros and cons


It doesn’t blot. Even if you will put the writing pen longer on your paper.

No smudging. It dries quickly, so you won’t be worried if your hands accidentally touch or ran over the drawing or even when you erase the pencil outline. The same as using a water based markers over it.

Comes in different sizes. It is great if you want to create a depth, a shadow or shades to your drawing. I like using sizes 0.05 as an outline drawing and 0.01 to add more details.

Pigma Micron Pen

Comes in Different Colors. Although I haven’t purchase the colored version, but definitely a colored pen is great for your drawing.

Long lasting. I have my first set for more than a year already. I have use it for my 32 Self-affirmation Coloring Pages which is I am selling at Etsy as a downloadable file. Aside from that I did a lot of detailed drawings, roughly 100 pages. Until now those pens are still working great.

It will never dry out even if you are not using it regularly as long as the cap is securely place.

It’s pigmented and the color is really black not transparent black unlike other brands.

Cons and how to Fix it.

The labels printed on the body of the pen and on the cap were erased over time.
The fix:  Mark the number or size of the pen on a paper and secure it on the pen’s body using adhesive.
Pigma Micron Pen

All pens have the same body and cap color. The only way to get the right size of pen is to read the label.
The fix: color code the pen sizes by putting colored sticker or paper taped on the body.


The downsides of Pigma Micron Pens, are just minor issues. As an artist, I always based the quality of the pens I used. Definitely this product gets my approval and recommendation especially for young students to use this in their drawing class (that is if their professor will recommend it). Well I believe, it’s more than a decade already. I am pretty sure they know that drawing tools has evolve over the years and Sakura Micron Micro pens is considerably useful for any artist.

sakura micron pen

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