Heart filled with paper rosette

Paper Rosette

When I think of letter R first thing that comes in my mind is rose. Back home roses are more expensive on Valentine’s Day. Why not? It’s the sellers opportunity to earn money because rose symbolizes love and Valentine’s Day is about L-O-V-E.

Heart Filled with Paper Rosette

So for my Ey to Zee Valentine’s Craft Ideas, “R” is for rosette. Cute paper roses that will fill one single heart. Definitely not restricted to one heart. Make more if you want to.

Heart filled with paper rosette

Here’s a hyper-lapsed on how to do the rosette.

(got a problem uploading.. sorry. will update this post pretty soon)

I know it’s a bit fast but here are key steps:

  1. Draw and cut crircle
  2. make a spiral by cutting from outside going to the center.
  3. Start rolling the paper from the outside.
  4. Once you get into the center loosen it.
  5. Your center will be the based of the flower. Put some stick glue on it.
  6. The spread the curled paper.

P.S. It’s nice to cut it in wave form. It gives you a dimension of a flower petals.

Don’t forget to click the picture below to get see what I crafted from Ey to Zee for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Craft Ideas

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