Paper Cone Heart

Paper Cone Heart

This paper cone heart craft adds dimension to your usual boring heart shaped wall art. Make it with materials you probably have on hand. 

Paper Cone Heart

During Christmas season you probably hear about the Christmas Tree made out of paper cones. It is so famous because it is stunning and easy to make without breaking your bank. You can use a festive paper, cardstock, or if you want to make out of recycled paper then an old phone book will do.

If you do not know what I am talking about, check our video on how to make a paper cone Christmas tree on our Youtube channel.

This Valentine’s day we made a craft using paper cones. We are not making a tree of course but instead, we bring some umf to the 2D heart that we usually make.


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How to Make a Paper Heart Cone


You’ll need:

Card stock 60lb or coloured paper
Scotch tape
Hot glue
Cardboard (or recycle a box)

Valentine's Craft

Cut a heart shape on your cardboard.

Cut the card stock into a square (2×2 in). Then form it into a cone. Secure it using scotch paper or any adhesive.

Paper Cone


Layer the cone on the heart-shaped cardboard. Starting from the outside going to the center.

Valentine's Day Craft Idea


As you go nearer to the center, fold the tip of the cone and use a pen to guide in sticking the cone to the cardboard.

Paper Cone Heart

Suggestions on this Valentine’s Craft Project

It is empirical to use red colour on Valentine’s Day but we know that we can do some tweak. You can make this craft by using different shades of colour and do the ombre effect. And make another paper cone heart using decorative paper to add some festive look on your Valentine’s decor.

One rule that I would like to emphasize is that to make sure that each piece will complement each other and brings a cohesive look to your decor.

That’s it my friends. I hope you like this Valentine’s craft idea and may your heart be filled with love this Valentine’s Day.

Paper Cone Heart

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