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Painting with Toilet Paper Roll

Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls Plus a Fun Way to Learn Colors


Painting with Toilet Paper Roll

Weekend is always the most exciting part of the week. Other than it’s my day-off,  I have to take care of my adorable niece, Aira. She just turned three and oh my, she’s growing so fast! I have to really make the best of our bonding moment before that time comes that she’ll be on her own (I know it’s too early to think of it. ) ThusI decided to have a FUNdate with her every weekend through arts and crafts. Besides I want her to spend less  watching Youtube channels and create great memories with me.

This weekend activity is painting using toilet paper rolls which is something different to using real paint brushes.

Doing this fun activity is also a sort of reviewing Aira’s knowledge in color. She was so willing to answer my questions even she was busy doing abstract painting with her toilet paper roll stamp.

Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Painting with Toilet Paper Roll


Toilet Paper Rolls (use different rolls on different colors of paints)
Cutter or Scissor
Acrylic Paints
Paper Plates
Kid’s Art Easel Paper (if you don’t have one use any paper)

Shop acrylic paints and kid’s art easel paper by clicking the pics below.

  1. If you are using a small paper, cover your table first with plastic, craft paper, or any large paper to protect its surface from paints. You know how toddlers can be messy. That’s why I love the easel paper because it’s big enough to cover the whole working area. Just make sure to secure it with tape.
  2. Using a cutter or a scissor, carefully cut the paper rolls lengthwise halfway of the length of the tissue paper roll, creating  strips.Painting with Toilet Paper Roll
  3. Spread the strips.
  4. Pour paints separately in different paper plates.Painting with Toilet Paper Roll
  5. Now, the fun part! Give the kid the freedom to do the messy part – dip the cut toilet paper roll on the paints and stamp on the paper.Painting with Toilet Paper Roll


After the painting dried out we taped it on the wall. I think this is a great idea having all her paintings hang on the wall and she’ll have her own gallery at a very young age.

Painting with Toilet Paper Roll

Although taking a picture of her with the painting took forever to the point that I have to bribe her with chocolate chip cookies. Well, she deserved a sweet treat with her achievement.

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Painting with Toilet Paper Roll


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