Tips on how to paint a beautiful wreath

Tips on How to Paint a Wreath with More Layers

Wow! I didn’t know painting wreath is relaxing and addicting. I have painted more leaf wreath now and will eventually level up by adding some flowers and other elements on my leaf. But for now I will master the leaf wreath painting.

multiple layered wreath

Last week I started the series of tutorial on how to paint wreath. I do not have intention of focusing on leaf alone. But since I want to start with a basic and painting leaf is using a very simple stroke, thus the leaf wreath.

So this time, I decided to give you some tips on how to paint a multiple layered leaf wreath. Materials used are the same with my first tutorial only adding different colors.

Tips on how to paint a beautiful wreath


Using the painting I had on my first tutorial, here are some tips on adding more layers:

  • For the first layer paint it in very light color. More water added to watercolor to achieve a more transparent color.
  • In painting the second layer just follow the same circumference. You can use the same color but darker this time. Or use different color. No need to follow the exact path. You can disalign the stems and end it in different direction. Do not exaggerate and see to it that majority of the stem follow the same curve of the circle. I’ll show you why it’s important to follow the circular path.
  • Same on the third color. You can use light color or darker. The key here is to add depths of your elements.
  • Experiment and have fun while painting.

Why follow the circular path?

I mentioned above that you can extend the tip of your stem. Point it in different direction. Move a little bit from the original point. BUT majority of the stem should follow the circular path. Why? Because it will simply distort the circular shape. When you look at my painting below, you’ll notice that it is disfigured.


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So that’s it for now. Just keep on practicing. (I will too!) And don’t forget to check my next tips or tutorial for painting wreath next Tuesday!

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