safari themed party

Liam’s Safari Themed Party

safari themed party

So after Baste’s Superhero Themed Party another couple contacted my sister for their son’s birthday. At first we hesitated because we are only given a week and half for the preparation time. But it just hard to refuse. So, crazy at it may seems, but for less than two weeks we prepared deco for a safari themed party. Good thing they ask for a simple decoration.

Safari Themed Party Details

Because of the short period, we only did a backdrop for the party. Also, pictures are taken inside our house so please bare with my pictures.

Big 3D Letters. It’s one of the trend on a party. But with low budget we use cardboard to make the 3D letters. We also cover individual letters with animal prints by cutting colored papers.

Big 3D Letters

Banner – we cut leaves as a background for the individual letter for “Happy birthday” and hang it on the string which we tied on two dead branches. To give a more realistic look of the leaves, we made creases for the leaf’s vein. See below on how we did it. And of course hanging monkeys that add fun to the decor.

leaves banner

Tree with faux leaves – as mentioned we used two branches to hold the banner. We added leaves to add more fun for this kid’s party using tissue.

DIY Faux leaves

Mushrooms. Pompoms. And more – mushrooms are made from crumpled newspaper and covered with red paper that we used from Aira’s Little Riding Hood Themed Party.

To be honest, I wish we were given enough time because we believe we can make more details for the party décor. Nevertheless, the parents were happy with what we did.

Although we are thinking of making this as a business that time we don’t price our services and products. We are just satisfied seeing other people happy.

safari themed party

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