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July 2018 calendar freebie

July 2018 Calendar Freebie

July 2018 calendar freebie

Summer is officially here! The scorching heat of the sun may sometimes feel unbearable but I can’t complain. I’ve been waiting for this season for so long and should enjoy it, for the next thing we know fall season will soon to come.

See half of the year is already over. Just can’t believe how time flies so fast. And it felt like I never accomplished anything maybe because I didn’t plan well. My professor during my graduate school always quote this:

Failing to plan is planning to fail”

I failed to plan. But …

First thing first, I want to tell you that my mind wanders all the time. And I think a lot of different things and interests. That sometimes I felt like my ideas have wings on their own that they’d flew away from my brain quickly and for me to be able to catch them, I have to write.

Different things, different interests…

I discovered lately that I am in fact a scanner. I concluded it after reading the book “I Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher. I will be discussing in a different post about being a scanner. But to give you an overview, scanner is someone who, like me, has so many interests.


The difficult thing about being one is not focus at all. I honestly felt like success is unachievable on my part. But I found some ways to deal with this problem. Having a planner will keep me on track.

July 2018 calendar freebie

July 2018 Calendar Freebie

So for the month of July, I created this calendar/planner. I originally painted the illustration two years ago. When I looked at my old artwork I just noticed that the colors of my illustration are perfect for July Calendar: Canada Day for Canadians and 4th of July for US citizens. But it doesn’t mean I intentionally make it for them. Wherever you are you can freely download it from my freebie library.

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At the lower right corner there is also a quotation about goal setting which stated:

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are

~ J. P. Morgan


Decision – is the key to go out from your comfort zone and chase those goals. Reaching them is just a matter of action. Do it and act now or you’ll be forever watching your goals in a distance.


Hope you’ll like the freebie. Don’t forget to subscribe to get it straight to your email.

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