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journal entry

My 2017 Journal and How it Inspires Me to Continue Documenting My Life’s Journey

Just got back here in Canada after our 45 days vacation in our hometown in Philippines. I know I could have written that I just got home, but Philippines is where my heart is… and my forever home. Thus, the first line of my sentence. Apparently, homesickness kicks in.

I was gone for 45 days and unplugged myself from social media for that long. I could have regretted doing that as I lost my momentum on blogging, crafting and activities in different social media accounts that could lead me to great opportunities. But nope! In fact it was one of the best days of my life –  being close to my love ones and able to serve my parents even for a short period of time. And despite the fact that they are aging I still feel safe under their roof.

But I have to leave and live my life the way it was designed for me. As I always tell my mom, Canada wasn’t part of my dream… but she answered back, “maybe it wasn’t but it may open up a door that may lead you to achieve your goals.”

So while staring on my laptop for hours trying to get my groove on blogging and writing something what the bloggers called a “Pillar Post” I happened to see my 2017 weekly journal that I brought with me in Philippines but was never touched and  filled.

Reading it however brings comfort and joy. It was journal filled with positive thoughts. Because “POSITIVITY” was my word for 2017. One entry reminds me about safety….

Safety is good as long as it doesn’t prevent progress. Safety can keep all the bad stuff away – but it can also keep all the good stuff away. ~ GodWhispers

My journal inspired me to write this post. As I back read my journal entry it electrifies every single nerve of my body to continue living despite the challenge of being away from my comfort zone. And so 2018 may have started and I miss the whole month of January, but it’s not a reason for me not to continue my journal.

My 2017 Journal Entries and Designs

2017 Journal

My first entry for 2017 journal was a review of my journey last 2016. That year I hit the rock bottom of my life. And what keep me sane was my love on art and of course through prayers. For me, it’s worth sharing all the good things that happened that year as I wanted to start 2017 filled with positive vibes.

journal entry

My journal is not purely writing my journey but I incorporated art as it is my passion. The design for my first few weekly entries were like letters and doodles just like the picture above. I also experimented doing watercolors on the background.

journal entry

But as weeks passed by I found the love of creating borders on journal using watercolor as medium. Here are few of my favorite.

watercolor floral border

watercolor floral border

watercolor floral border

watercolor floral border

I didn’t share the contents of my journal on my social media accounts because it includes something personal. But 2018 may be different. I have decided to open up myself to people and share part of my life. I realized that I have to get out from my cocoon and share what God gave me. Indeed, it’s time to fly, spread beauty and enjoy every single moment of my life….”Let go” – my year 2018 phrase!

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