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how to make wax paper

How to Make Wax Paper that You Can Use for Your Craft Projects

After reading this DIY “How to Make Wax Paper” you’ll never go back to the grocery store to look for wax paper for your craft project. Secret spilled!!! You only need materials that you may have on hand that will cost you almost nothing.

how to make wax paper

I mistakenly assume that wax paper and parchment are both the same. I only realized it when I made the cloverleaf suncatcher project inspired by Martha Stewart’s Crayon and Wax Paper Heart.

When I saw that project I knew I have to make it so I ran to the grocery store and bought a parchment paper thinking that it’s the same as wax paper. But to my dismay, it didn’t work out great. It was only that time that I have to search for the difference between both.

Although both, wax and parchment paper, can be used for food preparation, wax paper cannot be baked simply because the paper is waxed on both sides of the paper. Once bake it will be melted resulting in burning the paper. Wax paper is usually used for food packaging.

Parchment paper, on the other hand, is grease- and moisture-resistant paper specially treated for oven use.

Aside from the use of wax paper on food preparation, it is also greatly used for crafting. I believe you can buy it in the supermarket. But you can make your own as well.

Here’s an Easy Way on How to Make a Wax Paper.


Also, make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area. I find the fumes of the melted candle strong and you may not like it too.


Paper (printed, printing paper, coloured paper, origami paper, old pages of a book). I used pastel coloured papers in this project.
Candles (shredded; you can use those candles that wicks are no longer working)
Parchment Paper
Paper Towel

  1. To protect your iron board from the wax residue, cover it with an old piece of cloth.
  2. Fold parchment paper into half.
  3. Open the folded parchment paper and evenly spread the shredded candle. Make sure to have about 2 inches of space from its edges to prevent the spillage of the melted to make wax paper
  4. Cover the shredded candle by folding the parchment paper over it
  5. Run the hot iron over it until all the shredded candle is to make wax paper
  6. Open the folded parchment paper. Then place the paper that you want to to make wax paper
  7. Fold the parchment paper over the paper and run the hot iron on it. Make sure to spread the melted candle on the paper. You will easily see if part of the paper is wax or to make wax paper
  8. Let it cool and remove.
  9. If you see or feel the lumpy texture on the wax paper you can put it in between paper towel and run the hot iron over it. This absorbs the excess melted candle. You can repeat this procedure until you achieve the smoothness of your waxed to make wax paper

That’s it! Just like what I said you’ll never go back to the grocery store to order.

The wax paper becomes thicker and the translucency of it is perfect for crafting just like the Sun Catcher Cloverleaf I did for St. Patrick’s Day. Actually the craft ideas for this are endless. I will surely share my future projects so keep updated. If you don’t want to miss it, simply be my subscriber. BONUS!!! You’ll have access to my freebie library.


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how to make wax paper

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