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How to make fake snow

How to Make Fake Snow Using a Bath Soap

For only $2 or less you can make fake snow that will last the entire holiday season and gives your place a refreshing smell.

How to make fake snow

I grow up in the Philippines, so one of my childhood dreams is to experience snow. For me, the flurries and snow-covered trees and houses look enchanting.

So during the Christmas season, I’d always see that we have a Christmas tree covered with fake snow. And I made it from scratch.

Fast forward, I am now living my childhood dream. I live in Alberta, Canada, where winter lasted for six months. 

Though I’m not too fond of the cold weather here, my love for snow will never fade. It is magical, especially when snowfalls. 

And I am bringing this magic into our Christmas decor using fake snow. Not store-bought faux snow, but a DIY using a bath soap. Yes, you read it right – SOAP!

I bet you will love this idea even if you live in a country where it snows. And one of the best parts about this is that it smells good. So it’s a Christmas decor and house freshener in one. 

How to Make Fake Snow

I remember we used a soap brand named called Perla. It is a laundry soap that we used to soak on our white clothes. But this time, we tried a regular bath soap. And it worked pretty much the same.

Also, I used to sprinkle the solution with salt. I don’t know why I added salt. But I’m guessing it’s a hardening agent. Anyway, I tried omitting the salt in the process. And my fake snow works fine.

Here’s a video if you prefer to watch the process.

Materials/Tools Used:

1 Bath Soap
1 cup of water
(Optional) Mixer
Twigs/Pine leaves

1. Grate 1 bar of soap. 

How to make fake snow step 1

2. Add 1 cup of water. Then let it sit for one hour or until the soap is fully dissolved.

How to make fake snow step 2: add 1 cup of water

3. Beat the dissolved soap using a mixer until it’s stiff. I remember beating it using my bare hand. Yes, it worked, but it took forever. So a mixer comes in very handy for this DIY.

How to make fake snow step 3: beat the dissolved soap

4. Arrange the twigs or pine leaves on a vase. Then cover it with the softened soap. 

How to make fake snow step 4: cover the branches with soap suds
How to make fake snow Step 4: Cover pines leaves with snow suds

The soap suds will harden and stick on the branches for as long as they can. Some dried soap foams will fall just like real snowflakes. But this fake snow will last past the holiday season.

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How to make fake snow

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