Crushed Eggshell Art

How to Make an Easter Egg Art Out of Crushed Eggshells

Don’t toss the eggshells away, use them to create a beautiful Easter egg crushed eggshells art that your kids will surely enjoy. This is also a perfect craft and activity for your kids at home, especially this time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Easter Egg Art

I saved eggshells for a while because I want to make an art out of it. It reminds me of this art kit I got in grade school, where we have to used coloured powdered stuff to make a mosaic. Up to now, it is a mystery for me what that powdery stuff made of. So I thought eggshells would be a perfect material to remake it and introduce this art to my 5-year-old niece.

Moreover, I read from a blog about Montessori school, that pounding eggshell is a fun and practical life activity that is good for kids. They even introduce it to toddlers. I wish I knew it before. 

Nevertheless, my niece finds it an exciting activity. The crushing of eggs and the whole art process is a sort of her quiet time, as well as my or shall I say her mother’s quiet time as well. 

So mommas out there, this activity will occupy your kids when you need to do something other than tending their relentless needs. But of course, expect the “call for help” in-between. Kids, you know… and you can’t help it.

How to Make an Easter Egg Art Using Crushed Eggshells

In this art, I let my niece do the whole process of making this art, except for putting the glue on the paper. 

NOTEBefore using the eggshells, make sure to wash them with dishwashing soap, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry completely.


  • Eggshells
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Heavy cardstock
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Easter egg drawing (you can download my design below)

Easter Egg Art

Crushed eggshell using mortar and pestle until it’s powdery form.

Easter Egg Ar


Draw Easter egg design on a heavy cardstock paper. You can also download my design and print it.

Put glue on the design. Spread it using a needle. (Got this technique from Sweetambs when she put royal icing on her cookies)

Easter Egg Art


Cover the area where you put glue with crushed eggshells. Add more crushed eggshells if needed.

Crushed Eggshell Art


Then removed excess crushed eggshells by tapping the paper.

Easter Egg Art


Let it dry completely.

Then paint it using watercolour. We used Ecoline liquid watercolour because we love the vibrancy of the colour. You can use regular watercolour or acrylic paint.

Crushed eggshells art

Easter Egg Craft


That’s it! You’ll be surprised how beautiful the outcome is. Even my niece loved her artwork and proudly showed it to her grandparents via video chat.

Easter Egg Craft

You can also make a mosaic art using eggshells. So instead of crushing the eggshells to powdery form, you just smashed the eggs in larger sizes. Then arrange it on the paper and paint your design. 


Easter Egg Art

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