How to Make a trinket dish

How to Make a Stunning Trinket Dish Using a Polymer Clay

Organize your pieces of jewelry with this DIY gold leaf finish trinket dish. It is simple to make and so darn cute to display. 

How to Make a trinket dish

Trinket dish is a rage now. You can use it to organize your jewelry, catch tiny things fo your craft projects, or use it to stage your Instagram photo (one of my favourite props actually). 

There are so many ways to make a trinket dish, and my favourite is using polymer clay. Polymer clay is a versatile medium and you can create different styles out of it. In the tutorial below, I am showing you a straightforward technique to create a stunning trinket dish with a gold leaf finish. I know you too will love it!

How to Make a Trinket Dish Using a Polymer Clay

You’ll need:

  • Sculpey White Polymer Clay
  • Gold Leaf
  • Gold Leafing Pen
  • Letter Stamp
  • Round Cookie Cutter
  • Sand Paper
  • Polymer Clay Pasta Machine


Condition polymer clay by squishing and running it to polymer clay pasta machine. Do it multiple times.


Add gold leaf and run again in the pasta machine twice.

Applying gold leaf on polymer clay


Use a round cookie cutter to cut the polymer clay.

Stamp your choice of word on the cut polymer clay. (I used Artisan stamps)

Stamping on Polymer Clay


Smoothen the edge by running your finger on it.

smoothen polymer clay


Carefully place it on top of the bowl and form it to the shape of the bowl.

how to make a trinket dish


Then bake it to the preheated oven, 275 degree Celsius, for 15 minutes (NOTE: if you are using a different brand of polymer clay, check the required oven temperature and the length of baking time)

Let it cool. Then clean the edge using a sandpaper.

Sanding polymer clay trinket dish


To finish your trinket dish, use a gold leafing pen to colour the edge.

Gold leafing pen on polymer clay


And there you have it. I bet it would be a fun craft project that you and your friend can make. Also, this trinket dish is a great gift… 

If you find this project worth saving, don’t forget to pin it in your craft board!

How to Make a Trinket Dish

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