how to make. a string ball

How to Make a String Ball

Learn how to make a string ball, a spectacular project that you can use for home and party decor.

String Balls

Last year, we opted for a rustic theme Christmas tree. We only added four different ornaments: the gold-glittered deer (which we bought at Dollar Store), pinecones that we picked at the park, and the other two were DIY projects using strings.

Rustic Theme Christmas Tree

One of the DIYed ornaments that we made is the string star. You can check the tutorial on how to make it in this blog post. And if you prefer a video tutorial, watch it on our YouTube channel

String Star Ornament

And the other DIY ornament is the string ball, which I will show in this blog post.

What I love about this string ball is that you can use it on any occasion and even use it as home decor. You can go crazy big and make it as a lampshade or small string balls as an accent to your home.

You can also use different types of strings. If you want something rustic, jute twine and white strings are the best options. And if you want something fun and colourful, use a handful of different coloured yarns.

How to Make a String Ball

This project can be messy, so make sure to protect your working area.

You’ll need:

Craft Glue or Elmer’s Glue
Yarn /Jute Twine / String

Inflate balloons in different sizes. 

Mix about 1 cup of glue and 1/4 cup of water.

Cut strings with the length depending on how large your balloon is or how thick you want your string ball.

Dip string into the water and glue mixture, and strip out excess solution. 

String Balls

Start covering your balloon in different directions. Add more strings if you think you need more coverage. 

Then hang the balloon and let it dry completely. Once it is completely dry, pop and remove the balloon.

How to Make a string ball

(Optional) We added a mixture of Epsom Salt and iridescent glitter to get the snowflake effect for Christmas ornaments and finished it with trimmings.

how to make a string ball

8 thoughts on “How to Make a String Ball”

  1. Hi Marianne,
    What kind of glue did you use? White glue? Craft or wood glue?
    Both this and the star tutorial are great, I will definitely try them, thanks!

    1. Hi Donna! About 1 day. But since we did it during the winter season, so the heater helps the drying time faster to at least 4 hours. I’m not sure about the hair dryer.

      Maybe try using a conventional oven at a very low temp. But I haven’t tried this either.

  2. Marianne, I would like to try making these with a decorative rose gold twine that has some sparkle woven into it. Do you think the glue mixture would make it come out matte or lose the shine I’m looking for?

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