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How to Make a Giant Lollipop

Are you planning to host a candy land theme party? Check this tutorial on how to make a giant lollipop out of pool noodles but upgraded into a truly eye-candy prop.


If you say, candy land theme party, one prop that inevitably comes first in your mind is a giant lollipop. You probably have searched it online on some ideas, and you see these gorgeous lollipop party props made out of styrofoam or foam board. It is truly an eye-candy. But to do it, you need to know at least how to carve and have the right tools.

Another option is to use pool noodles. It is a very popular DIY giant lollipop.

I like using the foam board because you have more options when it comes to painting it and achieve a realistic lollipop.

how to make a giant lollipop prop

But what if foam board is not available and you only have pool noodles, would you still get a customized and realistic design other than the striped lollipop?

The answer is yes. With your rolled pool noodles, we will take a further step to achieve a beautiful giant lollipop.

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Here’s a video on how to make a giant lollipop

How to Make a Giant Lollipop

(WARNING: This is messy to make and requires patience. But I promise the result is rewarding)

You’ll need:

  • 3 Pool Noodles
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Duct Tape
  • Newspaper (cut into strips)
  • Flour
  • Paints
  • PVC Pipe/Wooden Dowel (serves as lollipop stick)
  • (Optional) Iridescent glitter and Epsom Salt for the sugar-coated effect


  1. Connect the three pool noodles first using duct tape.Giant Lollipop
  2. Start rolling the pool noodles. To secure, use glue gun and glue stick. Be sure that it is not too hot; otherwise, it will melt the pool noodle.Giant Lollipop
  3. Make a hole where you want to put the stick for the lollipopGiant Lollipop
  4. Cover it with newspaper using the paper mache technique (recipe: 1 part of flour to 2 parts of water and a pinch of salt to prevent moulds). Cover it with at least three layers of strips of newspapers. Let it dry completely.Giant Lollipop
  5. Then, paint it with your desired color and design. I painted it with white first, to make sure that newspaper prints are coveredGiant Lollipop
  6. (Optional) For a sugar-coated effect to your lollipop, mix iridescent glitter and Epsom salt. Apply a generous amount of glue on the surface of the lollipop then sprinkle the mixture. Let it dry completely.Giant Lollipop
  7. Secure PVC pipe/wood dowel in the hole using glue gun and stick glue.
Giant Lollipop

Common Questions

Can you paint the pool noodles directly instead of covering it with newspaper?

I tried to paint directly, but it peeled off after it dried. But I saw a DIY stone column using pool noodles which they spray painted it directly with primer first then “stone” spray paints. I don’t know if the colour lasts.

The reason why I chose to cover it with newspaper instead of using primer is that the duct tape that connects the two pool noodles is visible even if you cover it with paint.

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how to make a giant lollipop prop


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giant ice cream

17 thoughts on “How to Make a Giant Lollipop”

  1. So cute!!! I am hoping to do a candy land theme for outdoor Christmas Decor. Am planning to make these but cover with cellophane to help protect from winter weather. Do you think the hot glue, etc will hold up in the cold?

  2. great!!! Thanks for the instructions! I think I’ll try and make these with concrete to put in our big yard.
    Will see how it works.

  3. Hello,
    Where did you get the square base for the lollipops? Mine will be placed on concrete, so the base would be perfect.


  4. Do you let the first layer of news paper dry before adding another layer to achieve 3 layers? I didn’t wait and it’s been 24 hours and it’s still wet.

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