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giant ice cream

How to Make a Giant Ice Cream Prop


candy land themed party

The Candy Land Themed Party decor that we did was one of the projects that we are proud of. It was truly an eye-candy to everyone. But what really popped up among the props was the giant ice cream. I think we pulled on this one.

This giant ice cream could be a perfect prop for the ice cream themed party, summer party or any party that you think this will fit in. Or simply an add-on to your ice cream cart or your store. It’s a fun way to have it. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the perfect photo props too. Want to know how I made it?

If not, just have fun drooling on this one…

giant ice cream

But if you are interested to learn how to make it just read the rest of the blog post.

I have to ask sorry though for lacking pictures of the step by step guide. I had no time to take pictures because it was a rush project. Nevertheless, I will provide a drawing on how I did it. Hopefully, this will help.

Also, we used paper mache techniques for this project. So if you want to make it be prepared for the messiness. So basically you’ll need glue and water for this.

For paper mache, use 1 part of glue and 1 part of water mixed well.

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Ice Cream Cone

What you need:

Corrugated boxes (preferably large) which you can get from your local grocery stores or any merchandise store.
Glue gun and glue sticks
strips of newspaper
And the glue and water mixture for paper mache
Paint (choose one that is closed to the color of ice cream cone)

Make it:

As mentioned above I didn’t have a picture of the step by step guide so please refer to the picture below on how I did the ice cream cone.

how to make a giant ice cream cone


To make the cone stand up, you can put a box in between the circles as shown in the illustration below

giant ice cream cone
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NOTE: The ice cream that I made is about 5 feet tall that includes the 2 scoops of ice cream. So my dimension here is according to what I made. You can adjust the dimension according to your preferred size of the ice cream.

  1. Cut circles with the following dimensions:
    C1 & C2 –  about 24″ in diameter circle since I used 24″ balloon
    C3 – about 20″ in diameter
    C4 – about 15″ in diameter
    C5 – about 10″ in diameter
  2. Cut rectangles with the following dimensions:
    R1 – 4″ x 75.36″ . Length should at least cover the whole edge/circumference of the big circles (C1 & C2)
    R2 & R3 – 1 cm x 75.50″ or at least the last point should meet the beginning point. Adding this will add an effect of a dimension of the top part of the ice cream cone. (please refer to the picture above)
  3. Curl your rectangle (R1) cardboard. Then glue its edge around C1 edge. Now glue the edge of C2 about an inch from the other side/edge of R1. This will form like a cylinder.
  4. Glue R2 on the top side of the cylinder that you just made and R3 on the lower side.
  5. For the body of the cone, cut 20 or more strips of rectangles (1″ x 1 meter). Then glue it around the C3, C4 & C5 as shown in the picture below.
    how to make a giant ice cream cone
  6. Glue the body of the cone to the cylinder (refer to picture above b –>a).
  7. Now you have the foundation of the giant ice cream cone. All you need to do is cover with strips of newspaper around the ice cream cone or a cardstock around the body.
  8. For the effect of texture in the body of the ice cream cone, criss-cross strings around the body.
    giant ice cream cone
  9. Then cover again with layer of strips of newspaper (paper mache) and let it dry completely.
  10. Paint it with white and it let dry completely.
  11. Then paint it with a color similar to an ice cream cone. I mixed brown, white and yellow to achieve the color. You can experiment.
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Ice Cream

What you need:

24 inch balloon
Newspaper (cut into strips)
Paint (your desired color)
Insulating Spray Foam

Make it!

  1. All you need is to do paper mache using the 24″ balloon as the shape if the ice cream.
    In case you missed to read the paper mache mixture, it’s 1 part of glue and 1 part of water.giant balloon
  2. Dip strip of newspaper to the mixture and take out the excess mixture. Then put it on the balloon. Cover at least 3/4 of the balloon. Let it dry completely.
  3. Put another layer of newspaper strips. at least four layers of this. But always allow every layer to dry completely before adding one.
  4. Once you get the desired thickness, pop the balloon.
  5. Then put some fillers/or stuffing inside. It is now ready for construction for the whole ice cream on a cone.

Installation of the Ice Cream on the Cone

giant ice cream
  1. Put first paper mache balloon on top of the cone. Secure it using a glue gun.
  2. Use white paint to cover the prints on newspaper. It’s not necessary, you can paint the color paints directly on it. I only painted it with white paint first just to make sure that the newspaper prints are visible.
  3. For the melting effect on the side of the ice cream, spray some insulating spray foam (my secret of adding that melted effect of the ice cream). Let it dry completely before adding a new layer.
  4. Then paint your desired color of the ice cream.
  5. Add the second paper mache balloon on top by securing it with the glue gun.
  6. Paint it white.
  7. Then spray the insulating spray foam around it.
  8. Paint the desired color of your ice cream.
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And that’s it! Hope you enjoy the tutorial. Don’t forget to pin it for your future reference.

how to make a giant ice cream

How about DIY giant lollipop? Check my tutorial on how to make it.

Giant Lollipop

Or check this video tutorial

40 thoughts on “How to Make a Giant Ice Cream Prop”

    1. Hi Marianne. My daughter is also an artist. You inspired her. She is now a junior architect but she really love your work.
      Thank you for being her inspiration…

    1. I used a 24 in balloon and started the paper mache but it’s so much smaller than the top of the cone. How did you make it big enough to cover the cone?

      1. Hi Cathy! Just make a circle with a diameter of about 20 in. Also if the cone looks bigger than the paper mache balloon, the trick is to add more of the melt effect of the ice cream using the insulating foam.

  1. I just tried making the cone but had trouble with keeping the cone part level. I filled the cone with wrapped up paper and used a wooden dowel to hold up the middle circle piece. How did you get the cone to stay upright while attaching the long rectangle piece?

    1. Hi Jennis! The wooden dowel will surely help it stand. Or you can find a box that you can put in between the circles to make it stand then add the strips around.

      1. Gwendolyn Glover

        My daughter is having a baby shower the theme is Candyland could I pay u to make her the ice cream Prop.

  2. Did you put anything inside the cone to help it stay standing? I am about to attempt to make this for our church trunk or treat! It’s so cute!

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. Great post! Can you tell me what you used on the lollipops to make them stand? We’re displaying some in our candy shop window and can’t “stake” them into the ground like most posts suggest.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! My grand daughter LOVES candy land game and we are doing that theme for her room. This will be a perfect addition. Thank you for showing the steps. Found your blog and am a HUGE fan. Subscribed and can’t wait to see what’s new Nd exciting.

    1. Paints from a hardware store; one that we use for wall painting. For the colour, I don’t have the exact hex number of colour. I was just mixing brown and white until I get the desired colour.

  4. You can use flour and water paste for an inexpensive papermache. So don’t feel like you have to run to the store if you run out of glue in the middle of your project ?

      1. What sizes are the triangles inside the cone base? I keep reading but I’m not seeing it. Sorry if it’s a repeated question. Thank you so much

  5. I used this for a “what’s the scoop?” themed gender reveal party and it worked beautifully. Since the ice cream cone was what we used to hold the balloons for the reveal, I painted an outdoor garbage can to look like a cone, but used this method to make the ice cream scoops. Just don’t let the insulating foam cure on your hands!

    1. Wow! That’s a brilliant idea, Kaycee. Do you mind sharing a pic? Tag me on Instagram @eytozeecreative. Thanks!

  6. These are amazing!! What type of o pop ain’t did you use for the ice cream part of the ice cream cone? Will spray paint work ?

  7. Hello, how do you protect it from the outside weather or continue use year after year, is there some sort of protective spray, glue.

  8. I followed the YouTube video and put the balloon on the cone too before paper macheing and it takes longer for the joint between the balloon and cone top to dry. I have 2 coats of paper and this morning I got up and the ballon has popped. Now I have to cut open the base to stuff the balloon before finishing the paper mache. I started a second cone and only had one layer of paper mache and the balloon popped. I don’t think I can salvage that one. I think doing the scoops separately is a safer option.

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