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How to Make a Cute Bouncing Bunny

Bring life and fun to your pretend plays with this adorable bouncing bunny.

Paper bunny is one of the paper animals that is favourite to make. Of course, there are different ways to make a paper rabbit, from the easiest cut and paste kind of craft to a complex geometrical 3D craft.

But we will not do the latter. It is something that adult will sure love to DIY. Instead, I will show you a paper rabbit that bounces.

It’s cute and I’m pretty sure your kids would love it on their pretend play.

Create This Adorable Bouncing Bunny


Cardstocks (your choice of two colours) 
Hot Glue
Googly Eyes

Bunny’s face and feet:

Bouncy Bunny Template

Print the pattern above, cut, and put together the part of the face of the bunny. Use googly eyes to add dimension.

For the bunny’s body:

1.Cut the cardstocks lengthwise, 2″ x 11″.

2. Overlap the corners of the two rectangles as shown in the illustration below. (Video timestamp at 00:21)

3. Fold one side over the other. Do the same with the other colour. Continue doing it until the end. (Video timestamp at 00:28)

4. If you want a taller body for the bunny, connect another 2″ x 11″ rectangle and continue folding. (Video timestamp at 00:47)

5. Fold one end, and secure it with glue or hot glue. (Video timestamp at 01:06)

6. Attached the head on the other end. (Video timestamp at 01:39)

7. Place the feet at the bottom of the body. (Video timestamp at 03:23)

8. Secure the string at the back of the bunny’s head. 

For more kids craft activities please visit our YouTube channel.


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