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How to make a chinese lantern

How to Make a Chinese Lantern

These Chinese lanterns are easy to make that your kids will surely love to create. It is a perfect decor for Christmas, Chinese New Year, or on any occasion.

how to make a Chinese lantern

During my grade school years, our teacher required us to bring Christmas lanterns. An oversized lantern that is flashing with colours gets into the center of the classroom. But I always get the smallest, so my lanterns were typically displayed on the side by the window unnoticed.

It didn’t bother me; besides, I’m not fond of it.

But then, recently, I felt nostalgic, and these flashing foil lanterns have been in my mind. So I decided to DIY a simple Christmas lantern made out of foil… or it can also be called a Chinese lantern.

How to Make a Chinese Lantern


Cricut GOLD PARTY FOIL 12 X 48 (2) (You can also use card stock)
Cutting Mat 
Transparent Tape 
Permanent Glue Tape/Double-Sided Tap

1. Cut two rectangles from the foil with dimensions of (Rectangle A) 15 cm x 8 cm and (Rectangle B) 14 cm x 11 cm. Adjust it to your desired sizes.

2. With your Rectangle A, draw a horizontal line one cm from the edge on both long sides; this is just a guide for cutting. I use the other tip of the cutter to mark the lines on the foil.

3. Cut a straight line about 0.5 cm from one edge of the short side. Continue cutting until the other side, maintaining the half centimetre distance.

Keep in mind the horizontal line marks the point where you stop cutting each straight line.

4. Rectangle B will be the interior of the lantern. Apply double-sided tape on both edges on the longer side of Rectangle B. Starting on one side of Rectangle B, attach the longer side of Rectangle A. Then do the same on the other side of both rectangles A and B.

Gold foil Chinese lantern

5. Notice that Rectangle B is one cm longer than Rectangle A; this is where you connect the short edges to form a cylindrical form.

Apply double-sided tape on the small tab of the short side on Rectangle B. Then carefully form a cylindrical shape. 

How to make a Chinese Lantern

Adhering to the foil can be tricky, so I used transparent tape to secure the lantern’s form. 

6. For the handle, cut 1 cm x 14 cm of the foil, attach it to the lantern using double-sided tape and secure it with transparent tape.

Chinese Lantern

Then hang it.

Although I said it is a Christmas or Chinese lantern, this craft is also perfect party decor for any occasion.

Compared to the lanterns we brought at school during those ‘ole days, this DIY Chinese lantern is simple. That being said, I will try my best to remake those flashy lanterns once I gather my materials. Please make sure you follow my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest) and subscribe to my email list to get updated. 


As for now, pin the image below and save it to your favourite craft group board on Pinterest. 

Foil Chinese lantern

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