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how to make a 3d star

How to Make a 3D Star Out of Soda or Beer Can

how to make a 3d star

Christmas is on the air. I can feel it and I am super excited because I’ll be spending Christmas with my family in Philippines. I’ve been counting down since the day we bought the tickets. Because of this I was caught up of buying stuff for the family  and planning for our 6 weeks staycation that I forgot to do my Ey to Zee Christmas Craft Ideas for this year.  Excuses…..I know maybe I should start my craft ideas ahead of time. I am not so good with this challenge.

But although  we won’t be celebrating Christmas here in Canada, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be decorating our place. In fact, we started decorating before Halloween and some of my Canadian friends think it’s crazy idea. But we Filipinos are so fond with Christmas that as soon as”-ber” months start you’ll hear Christmas songs and decors are out already.

So to feel the Halloween spirit I put a big mask on it with Santa’s shoes underneath the tree. Fair enough I guess.

Halloween Christmas tree

Well despite of busyness, I DIYed  a 3D star that is made out of pop can. It is so cute that I will definitely make more for next Christmas. And ont thing I like about it is that it is made out of recycled material.

An idea also popped in my head of making cute decor out of soda or beer can. But I won’t be spilling the beans yet. For now here’s the easy instruction on how to make a 3D star out of soda or beer can.

How to Make a 3D Star

Here’s the video version.

You’ll need:

how to make a 3d star

Empty pop/beer can
Star template
Spray paint (optional)
Glitters (optional)
Glue for adding glitters (optional)

Make it!

  1. Rinse can with water and soap.
  2. Remove the top and bottom part of the can to form a rectangular shape.
    how to make a 3d star
  3. Trace star pattern on the tin. And cut to make a 3d star
  4. Make a crease by drawing lines as shown in the picture below. You can us a scorer board or a to make a 3d star
  5. With line guide, carefully fold the tin. Fold the longest line forward then the shorter to make a 3d star
  6. (Optional) Spray paint it with your desired color.  Add another layer of spray paint if desired.
  7. (Optional) Cover the 3d star with glue then sprinkle the glitters. Let it dry completely.

    TIP! To prevent the glitters from falling, spray it with hair spray. Trust me it works!

By the way you can add string to your 3D star and add it to your Christmas tree. Or you can put it in a transparent tall glass as an add on to your Christmas decor. It’s really up to you.

how to make a 3d star

Warning though…

The edges of the tin may cut you finger so be careful while making this. Use protective gloves if you think you need it. Also keep out of reach of children, especially the little ones. Preventive measurement is better.

Another warning…

This DIY project is so cute that you may be collecting more cans. LOL!!! Because, personally, I’ll be making more of this for next Christmas. And thinking of a project for 4th of July… Guess you have idea of my next project.

how to make a 3d star


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