Heart Doily

Heart Chain Doily

We are now in D. And that calls a celebration!!!! I’m not even half-way to this challenge. But really happy that I survived even working double jobs. Thanks to schedule post.

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Valentine's Craft Ideas

So D is for Doily

Get creative with making doily. With jut easy folds and cut you’ll be able to have a decorative heart chain doily. Well you can use it as doily or an add on decor on your table set-up.

In the picture below I used tissue (Chinese paper as we call it back home). It is usually use as gift fillers. Because it is light and thin it is easy to cut but not really good material for doily. So I suggest, use napkin instead because it is thicker and really holds objects on plates.

Heart Doily

Here’s a simple guide on how to make it. Black broken lines means fold and then cut through the red half heart broken lines.

Guide on folding and cutting the heart chain doily

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