hanging ghost

Draw Scary (But Cute) Hanging Ghost with This Easy Steps

Draw a ghost using your the outline of your kid’s hand. They might get scared but they’ll surely love this hanging ghost craft.

hanging ghost

It’s almost Easter and guess what? My niece mood is still in Halloween. From songs to games it must have a monster and something scary. She even have to bring her basket with her whenever we go out, thinking of treat and tricking!

I guess that’s why she likes Halloween more than Christmas because she experienced going door to door and received goodies. Unlike us, she wasn’t able to experience the joy of caroling during Christmas in exchange of coins…LOL… that’s in Philippines though.

With this coming Easter, we do not know yet. Unless if we will let her do egg hunting. She did it last year but no candies; purely  eggs that I decorated. So might be adding some surprise eggs this year. Besides she deserves some rewards for being so good.

hanging ghost

Making the Hanging Ghost

In this craft, we used the colored wax paper that I DIYed because of it’s translucency which is perfect to hang by the window.

Aira and her mom were drawing her little hands outline and her mom says she enjoyed the activity. This give me an “Aha!” moment to turn it into a character that she loves most – ghost!

Apparently, drawing a ghost starts with drawing the outline of Aira’s hand that serves as the lower part or the body of the ghost.

hand outline

Then turn it over and draw the head of the ghost with eyes, mouth and accessory like witch hat. I didn’t draw a very scary looking ghost except for one (in blue). In this way, she won’t be too scared to look at it.

hanging ghost

Cut the ghosts shape then hang it by the window just like a sun catcher ghosts.

hanging ghost

Aira’s Reaction

As soon as the drawing was finished she shouted “ghost” with a grin. She adores it! But little that I expect she got scared to the point that she doesn’t want to be left alone inside my room because of the hanging ghosts. And when we were sleeping she hid under the blanket pinpointing the ghost. LOL…

Now I know what to do to keep her going to my room and make a mess. Just kidding I’d still love her company even  she keeps on pulling stuff out from the drawers and shambles all my belongings.

For now I’ll keep the ghost drawing in my cabinet and wait till Halloween.

If you like this kid’s craft simply pin the photo below.

hanging ghost

By the way you can follow my Sunday Funday activity with Aira on Instagram #SundayFundaywithAira. It’s fun activities that you can also do with your kids. My goal is to lessen her activities on screens, create activities that will develop her intelligence and of course make great memories with her.

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