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frozen themed party

Frozen Themed Party

frozen themed party

The Frozen movie has captured the heart of many, including myself. Who can forget that peculiar ending, the pure love that comes from a sister rather than a knight with a shining armour? Not to mention that gigantic gorgeous castle made from ice and of course, Olaf!

It may be a fantasy movie, but it is one of the films that: has hundreds of parodies made, Elsa’s dress as a popular costume for Halloween, and Frozen-themed party.

Speaking of themed party, my sister and I did a decoration for a birthday party for a seven-year-old girl last summer. And you guess it right it was a Frozen themed party. Yes, we had a kind of winter feeling previous summer. But we were really sweating when we made it as it was tedious, but it was all worth the effort.

Frozen Themed Party Decoration Ideas

Here are some details of the Frozen themed party decor. At the very end of the post, you will see the tools and materials that we used for the decor.


frozen themed party

A Frozen themed party is not complete without the iconic castle. My sister wanted me to make the easiest one which is a box-type castle. But for me, it’s not Frozen if I have to carry out what she wanted. So I followed my original plan even if it means extra effort and requires muscle.

The castle was made out of recycled 2-ply cardboard boxes from IGA grocery store. As I said muscle was a big requirement in cutting the cardboard. It’s a 2-ply cardboard baby!

Using recycled materials were also a challenge. For instance, the dents of the cardboard; as much as possible, I want plain and clean cardboard. At first, I have no plan of using it, but its unique beauty had given me an idea of making it a wall. The dents actually added a distinctive texture of the castle.

Of course, the glitters made a unique glamour look of the castle.

I also carefully planned the architectural structure of the castle that should be easily transported. So the parts are removable but easy to construct once we put it together.

Paper Pinwheel Backdrop

The castle alone will not look good without the paper pinwheel backdrop. Besides, it covers the whiteboard and sound system behind it.

Creating pinwheel is so easy. It is similar to a paper fan, but instead, you have to connect two paper fan to form a circular or pinwheel. The best tool to get a uniform distance of creating the creases of the paper is the scoreboard.


frozen-inspired monogram

Initially, the front part of the castle is supposed to be a door as I want the kids to have the chance of getting inside the castle. But considering the time frame, I opted to have it closed wall and added the monogram frozen-inspired frame.

The base is also made of recycled cardboard that was painted with blue acrylics paint and added some glitter.

Branches, Snowflakes and Crystal

frozen branches

We painted the branches white and added some glitters on it. For the glitters, we used iridescent and mixed it with Epsom salt.

We also attached strings of snowflakes and crystal on the branches to add more details – the same technique for the table centerpiece.

The castle was made out of recycle cardboard. And we die-cut the details of it using Spellinder Die Cutting tool.

A Princess Dress for the Centerpiece

center piece for frozen themed party

Originally it was not part of the plan, but we decided to add the princess dress. We bought the pattern of the dress from @paperflowerbyzai. It was my sister innovative to change the ballgown (or the lower part) using a circle dies.

paper flower dress

A Game-of-Thrones-Inspired Chair

game-of-thrones-inspired chair

Instead of the sword, we cut icicles as the backrest of the chair and used different colours. And covered the chair with a tule-like white curtain.

For the details, we added snowflakes on it.

The 3D Number 7

number for frozen themed party


A special request of the mother of the celebrant was to put number 7. We cut 7 out from recycled cardboard, covered it with blue textile and accessorized it with snowflakes and crystal.


Snowflakes….. Snowflakes… and More Snowflakes

frozen themed party dessert table

For the dessert table, thousands of snowflakes were cut using a snowflake puncher and die-cutting machine. Also added a shadow box of Elsa’s Castle


Other additional details for the decor are balloons, life size Elsa and Olaf in 2D which we purchased at Amazon and a photobooth which is made out of plastic table cloth that was cut into strips.

Handy Tools and Materials to Create the DIYed decors for the Frozen Themed Party

If you are planning to create this decor I strongly suggest using the following tools. It will make your DIY project easier and faster.


Spellbinders Platinum Die Cutting and Embossing Machine (or any brand of die cutter)

You’ll get a precise cut of the shapes that you want just like the snowflakes. And you can use this for your future project too.

An alternative for this is cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette. Using this advance machine will give you an option of making more styles and sizes of snowflakes.

Steel Dies

For this project, we used snowflakes, circle for the dress, windows and Tile Works Diamond Effects Spellbinders Nestabilities  for the castle

Snowflakes Puncher (small and big)

The Spellbinders Snowflakes Steel dies are beautiful and intricate, but it’s not for mass production. Since we need thousands of snowflakes the punchers are very handy for a big project like this.


Use scorer to get a uniform distance and to create a crease on a card stock easily. Creating crease to a 60lb or thicker kind of paper will help the folding of the pinwheel paper a lot easier. Usually, it comes with a bone folder, but if not you can buy it from a craft store.


We purchased color blue (duh… Frozen!) for the castle and white paints for the branches. For small details like the monogram, we used a Dollar Store acrylic paint. For more sophisticated effect we spray painted the castle with Krylon Glitter Shimmering Silver spray paint.

Card Stock Paper

In different shades of blue and white 60lb or thicker paper. Also used some recycled paper.

Iridescent Glitter

We used about 1 1/2 bottle of this glitter. The iridescent are more clear kind of plastic, opalescent that gives a distinct color in different angle.

Other Materials

Glue, stick glue, glue gun (I think we used 4 Dollar Store glue gun for this project and one heavy-duty glue gun), scissor, cardboard and crystals for added effect.


This frozen-themed party was our biggest project so far. It took us about two months to do everything. It was not easy but rewarding for us, especially when we get satisfaction approval from our client.

frozen themed party


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