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mothers day card

Freebie: Mother’s Day Card and Shopping List Printables

Choosing a gift for mom isn’t hard as you think. Download this free Mother’s Day card and shopping list stationery that will surely make your mom or wife say “WOW”. You can add some surprises too!

mothers day card

One week to go and it’s Mother day. You probably have read all the gift guides and still haven’t figured out what to give. The best way to get a cue of course is to ask your mom or your wife what she wants. And as we all know the common answer would be, “I don’t need anything“. The truth is, they have this numbers of “want-to-have-stuff“, but mom, being so self-less, will let go of her needs for the sake of her family.

So this Mother’s day it’s the best time to treat them. Yes even if they refuse, after all they deserve rewards for all their hard work.

And if still you don’t know what to give, a simple greeting cards with your heartfelt note will work.

That’s why I created this free printable greeting card, perfect for this occasion and  gift idea.

mother's day card

But how about inserting some gift cards? That would be awesome too, and so that mom can have the freedom to shop on what she wants.

Mother’s Day Card and Shopping List Printables

Mother’s Day Card

The illustration is hand painted by me and digitized it using Photoshop. Tools I used for this illustrations are: Winsor and Newton watercolors, Santa Fe Art Supplies brushes, Micron Archival Ink, and Canson Watercolor Paper.

mother's day card

It is a mom looking so glamorous pushing a stroller with all the shopping bags inside instead of a baby. Because, hey, moms need to be pampered. Give them a break, and let them you know shop like a queen without a pushing a stroller with baby and carrying all those bulky baby bags filled with diapers or dragging crying toddlers. I know only moms can relate to this.

The size of this greeting card is 5.5″ x 8.5″. Which you can print in half of the letter size paper. then fold it half. Write some notes inside and don’t forget to insert the gift card and the shopping list printable.

Shopping List Stationery 

We know that mom loves to list all the items in a piece of paper so that shopping or doing grocery are more monitored and making sure that it is still within the budget.

mother's day card

(free photo mockup by

But this time, since it’s Mother’s Day, moms can still write their list of stuff for themselves using this cute stationery with the same illustration used in the greeting card.

And if they want they can reprint it as many as they want to use on their regular shopping list. That’s why I made two columns of the same print in a letter size paper so that they can reproduce more copies of this shopping list stationery.

Both are accessible in my freebie library. Just click the button below to subscribe.

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A little note though….

Don’t give her a generic gift card like a credit card. Because I’m pretty sure she will only use it for grocery though it benefits the whole family. Haha! I know right?

As I told you, moms are self-less and practical. HINT: why not give something from a brand that she loves or from a salon to get all the pampering that she needs. This is just an occasion so why not let her experience the lavishness of life. Well unless if you are a Kardashian and the like and you’ve have all the access of comfort living.


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