egg coloring page

The “Girl Boss” Wanna be + Freebie Easter Egg Coloring Page

Easter egg coloring page

Woah! Time flies really fast. I can’t believe first quarter of the year is over. What leave me stoke is answering this question, “what have I achieved so far?”

I have learned new skills from Skillshare, that’s for sure! I am [struggling on] following my blogging calendar for my three blogs. And that’s not even an achievement. But really having a clear plan laid out in front of me helps me organize my tasks. And this pushes me to achieve my goals.

My Biggest Goal/s

I want to be “The” Girl Boss!  I am venturing into creative entrepreneurship, simply because that’s my passion.  I feel complete, fulfilled and happy when I am doing what I love to do. And I know entrepreneurship will lead me to my other goal of providing jobs to others.

girl boss

So far Skillshare has help me a lot in aligning this goals. It helps me discover not just about creative skills but also improving personality. If you haven’t tried Skillshare, read this blog post “7 Reasons Why You Should Try Skillshare

Getting to that ultimate goal requires a single step. So for now my target is to sell my arts online before my birthday. And guess what? That target should be reached this month – ‘coz yes, April is my birth month! And I have 13 days left to go.

I already have sets of art piece ready for sale. All I need is good quality pictures of it. You know presentation is the key.

I wanted to open the shop here on my website. But one thing I learned from a class at Skillshare, that for newbie seller it is better to open your shop on reliable and known online shops such as Etsy. Besides, there is not too much traffic on this website yet, so it’s like selling on a corner invisible to hungry buyers!

Cross finger need to cross this task of setting my online shop on my to do list. I’ll push myself harder.

Freebie Easter Egg Coloring Page

Before I forget, my first product has something to do with this freebie Easter egg coloring page. Well it’s not about Easter theme kind of product but I am referring to the coloring page.

Adult coloring page has been popularized 2 years ago. It is therapeutic and it will help you de-stress yourself from too much toxic that we encounter in our lives. When I say toxic, I am not only referring to chemical form but all the stressor in life.

My product, coloring page, is something unique because I go for “self-affirmation” theme. I am thrilled with this product because it is something that I made to help out someone out there who needs to be uplifted. Anyway, as for now I will not go deeper about the product. I will make a different post about it.


egg coloring page

But here’s a sample of my coloring page that I’d love to giveaway – Easter egg coloring page. It’s now available on my freebie library. All you need is subscribe to my email list to get the password. Just click the button below.

I want to access you freebies

Subscribing to my email list means you can have the access to all my awesome freebies. A big “YAY” for that!

Have fun with the coloring page.





** Mock-up photo by Dawn Nicoles.

**This post contains affiliate link. If you will register under my affiliate link you will still get the same price but you’ll give me a favor of extra free month for me for my premium account. Extra free month for me means extra learning of new skill.


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