Free Productivity Notepad

Free Printable Productivity Notepad

Free Productivity Notepad

I am so addicted to notepads, particularly “To Do List” notepad, because it helps me keep mentally focus on the goals that I want to achieve every day. Organizing my tasks by writing it on a piece of paper keep me grounded and makes everything manageable.

However, I don’t write a long list of tasks. Having that list will just make me jump from one task to another, and the result is either I haven’t done anything or partially done some of the tasks. So instead, I only write three and SOMETIMES up to five important tasks on my list. Also, take note,  that I don’t include in my list the tasks on my day job. My list is the tasks that I want to achieve in line with my creative goals – my side hustle as an artist.

This technique really helped me finished my certificate on graphic design on time. If not because of the list I will still be cramming on assignments today and will be paying more for the extension. Ouch!

Free Printable Productivity Notepad

So, I’d love to share to you my productivity notepad it’s printable and you can download it for free from my freebie library. I subdivided it into three parts: the To Do List, Words to Ponder and Bright Ideas.

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Words to Ponder

I love quotable statements;  any life’s lesson I heard from a podcast, read from books, or from a person. And the only thing to keep me reminded by those quotes is by writing them down. That’s why I put a space particularly for this on my productivity notepad.

Free Productivity Notepad

Bright Ideas

As mentioned above I love notepads, not just writing my tasks but also jotting ideas. You know when suddenly an idea popped into your brain cells and of course, your brain was working with so many tidbits of jobs, so this idea slowly disappears and you’ll be left with a big question mark of “what was that idea again?” Oh, shoot! (while massaging the head, or tapping it vigorously) What was that??? What was thaaaaat??? And you totally forgot…

You just let that great idea slipped! I know how it feels because it happened to me many times, so before this idea skipped out from my brain cells I always write it down in my notepad. And review it later or compile all these ideas in a journal.

This also helped me keep on going towards achieving my goals. When I feel like I’m having an artist’s block, I returned to the list of my ideas and pick something that makes me productive.

Of course, we all have different ways on how to be productive. Also, I think the most important of achieving goals is the right mindset. What is your list without the urge of doing those? For me, the list will just keep us reminded and stay focus. It gives me the clarity of where I am going to achieve my bigger goals.

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One More Free Printable

And… I’m not done yet! Here’s another printable, June 2019 calendar/monthly planner featuring my watercolor lifestyle illustration with a theme of gardening, because… summer it is my friends!

June 2019 Planner


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