I am awesome coloring e-page

Free: I Am Awesome Coloring e-Page

Last year I spent almost six months drawing 32 coloring pages with the the theme of self-affirmation. I originally made it to sell after taking the class of Jon Orana. I cannot think of any eBook to sell let alone deciding the topic that I want to discuss. I know money making is a hit online. But there is something inside me that telling me to do or to make. And that is a coloring book that will help people live life abundantly by unleashing the power within themselves through self- affirmation.

I spent sleepless nights to finish it. But the thing is 2016 ends but not a single page were sold. No I didn’t sell it. It was stocked in my drawer untouched, not shared and nobody really knows about it.

I am awesome coloring e-page

As 2016 year ends, I was thinking of sharing it for free instead of keeping it my self. So today, for my first freebie for this year, I decided to offer it as a downloadable for free. Just be my subscriber and get an access to my freebie library that will soon be loaded with fun useful freebies. Subscribe below…



** Free mock-up photo from bydawnnicole website.

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