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filling text with image

Filling Text with Image in Photoshop: A Style to Create Stunning Monogram

Filling text with image in photoshop is a trend in monogram and logo design. Learn how to do it with this simple tricks.

filling text with image

Photoshop is a program where you can create stunning digital designs. But you don’t have to be an expert to use this program. In fact, I, myself, has no background with it. But because I love to learn, I discovered some tricks that I thought can only be done if you are a skilled digital designer.

Just recently I am experimenting designing text. And I am not talking about adding solid color or some shadow, bevel effect and other basic effects, I am referring to filling text with an image. This technique is so cool and very useful if you want to create a monogram, logo or if you want to deliver a sort of picture message through text. Picture below is a monogram for Elnora’s logo that I designed.

how to fill text with image in Photoshop

This is so simple and you only need the clipping mask tool aside from the text tool.

How to Fill Text with Image in Photoshop

1. Create a new file with your desired size. I usually go for 1080 x 1080 pixels since I am posting it on my Instagram.

filling text with image in Photoshop

2. Type a letter/s. For images, I suggest for a bold letter.  After all, we want to see the image in the text. I am using Shonar Bangla Font. But if you are using an image of patterns or texture any font will do.

filling text with image in Photoshop

3. Open the image that you want to appear in the text and copy or drag it to your new file. You can adjust the size of the image as long as it totally covers the letter or text.

filling text with image in Photoshop

I got this watercolor illustrated pattern at Creative Market. You guys should check that site. Their weekly freebies are awesome. 

Powered by Creative Market

4. Apply clipping mask. Make sure that the image layer is on top of the text layer.

filling text with image in Photoshop

Right-click the image, then click the Create Clipping Mask. Using the keyboard just press Alt key then put the cursor in between the image layer and the text layer. You’ll see the arrow and square signs.

filling text with image in Photoshop

filling text with image in Photoshop

And that’s it just like magic, you’ll only see the images in the text.

5. Save your file either png or jpeg.

Here’s another sample, with gold foil texture.How to fill text with image in Photoshop

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filling text with image

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