Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies

Sweets will surely give the satisfaction of the whole course meal. Add it with a little fun with this felt fortune cookies with predictions or aphorism. Then add some sweet treats inside.

Felt Fortune Cookies


One thing that most of us look forward to when dining in a Chinese restaurant is the fortune cookie. Believe me, somebody won a lotto ticket using the lucky number from it. So, you might consider saving those strips of paper stating your luck. Who knows, you’ll be the next big winner or you might find your lifetime partner. But whether you believe it or not, this fortune cookie thing is irresistible to read. Admit it!

Talking about love, this DIY felt fortune cookie is also great to add surprises on your dinner date with your partner. How about adding some cheesy saying inside the fortune cookie. Or some challenge to make your date more intimate (?). Valentine’s, by the way, is just around the corner. I know you’ll thank me for this Valentine’s craft idea.

felt Fortune Cookies

Of course, it does not limit to Valentine’s Day. You can use this as add-on props or activities for any party. Just like your regular fortune cookie, you can add some sayings and lucky numbers. Surely this will add fun and surprises to your guests.

How to Make Felt Fortune Cookie

My reference for this project is the book “Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Craft: 225 Inspired Projects for Year-Round Celebrations“.



  • Felt 
  • Wire (I used a craft/beading wire)
  • Side cutter plier
  • Hot glue
  • Scissor
  • Round object with about 4″ diameter
  • Pencil
  • Messages printed on strips of papermaterials felt fortune cookies
  1. Trace round object on a piece of felt and cut out using scissors. Cutting felt can be tricky, so I used Spellbinder die cutting machine to cut the felt. It’s a lifesaver!
  2. Cut rectangle from the felt with the length shorter than 4″
  3. Using side cutter pliers, cut wire shorter than the rectangular piece of felt
  4. Affix the wire on the middle of the circle using a glue gun then place the rectangular piece of felt on top of the wire.
  5. Fold the circle into half, showing the sides where you affix the wire and the rectangular sheet. (Better watch the video on how to fold it).
  6. Then carefully fold back the pieces forming a fortune cookie.
  7. Insert a fortune paper and some tiny chocolates.

DIY Fortune Cookie

The good thing about this felt fortune cookie is that you can reuse it for your next party. So better check this DIY and bring some exciting things to your party.

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DIY Felt Fortune Cookies

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