Ey to Zee Etsy Store

Ey to Zee Designs Etsy Store is Now Open

Ey to Zee Etsy Store

April 16, 2017; 5:11 AM — Ey to Zee Designs, is now officially open for business at Etsy.com. I have to document the time and the date because for me it’s a milestone of my goal of becoming “The” Girl Boss.

And as you can see I opened it as early as 5:11 in the morning. Way too early I know. But when you are passionate with what you are doing, then all this adrenaline rush will excites every single cell in your body to do the things that you love most. In my case, it’s about creativity.

I am Creative

Plus I guess I would give credit to the classes I enrolled at Skillshare, specifically one that teaches of setting and achieving goals. Because even if I have this passion to create I admit I do procrastinate a lot and I don’t have a clear direction. The classes that I have listened into during my past time have helped me define my goals and the plan of actions I would take.

One of the goals I put in my mind is to open an online shop of my art work before my birthday which I exactly did. And you have no idea how happy I was when Etsy gives me the notification that finally  my Etsy store is open and that I can now carry the badge of an Etsy seller.


First Set of Listing and The Story Behind It

If you haven’t been into my Etsy store please do click the banner above. Anyways, my first 32 listings are self-affirmation coloring pages with floral theme.

Coloring pages was popularized, if I’m not mistaken, 2 to 3 years ago. It is basically for adult but any age can  actually enjoy coloring pages. It is believe that coloring pages are therapeutic activity and will help adults to refocus and relax their minds.

I am focus coloring page

I planned to make my own self-affirmation coloring pages  almost end of year 2015. But I only pursue it last February 2016 after taking the class of Jon Orana. His class was about online marketing and I can’t think of any other product to sell online but these coloring pages. It is resonating from within me. I know I should do it.

It is also a product of my decision to change my way of thinking. Because I am a pessimistic person. And I know thinking negatively is like building blocks around me that hinders me from achieving my goals. Thus, to break this wall, I have to unleash the power within me by saying self-affirmation statement. Because I believe in the power of positivity. And I know someone out there needs the same.

I choose this because of the power of these two words “I AM”- a declaration of who you are.

I AM – two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality. 

I am - 2 of the most powerful words
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Drawing it wasn’t an easy task because of eye strain. But I pushed myself to really finish it. Supposed to be 30 pages but I ended with extra two pages. I finished after three months. I know it took me so long. But for some reason I wasn’t able to sell it. It was left hidden inside my drawer for months. Only recently that I decided to open my shop and have the coloring pages available before my birthday.

I won’t do delays anymore. If I have plans, then I will act right away and persistently do what I love to do. I believe those are some of the key ingredients of success.

Complete List of Self-Affirmation Coloring Pages on My Etsy Shop

Here are the list of the self-affirmation Coloring Pages that are ready for download (I am only selling digital copy for now) on my Etsy Shop.

eyto zee designs etsy listing

  1. I am a Problem Solver
  2. I am Well Loved
  3. I am Skilled
  4. I am Talented
  5. I am Free from Hatred
  6. I am Grateful
  7. I am Self-Reliant
  8. I am Brimming with Energy
  9. I am Admired
  10. I am Overflowing with Joy
  11. I am Superior to Negative Thoughts and Low of Actions
  12. I am Calm
  13. I am Focus
  14. I am Free of Anxiety
  15. I am Content
  16. I am Radiating Beauty, Charm and Grace
  17. I am a Spiritual Being
  18. I am Awesome
  19. I am Unique
  20. I am Bold and Outgoing
  21. I am Well Respected
  22. I am Healthy
  23. I am Living Abundantly
  24. I am Architect of My Life
  25. I am Powerhouse
  26. I am Happy
  27. I am Successful
  28. I am Confident
  29. I am Brilliant
  30. I am Creative
  31. I am Courageous
  32. I am Blessed

My shop has still lots of things that needs to be improved. I am still going in to that process and learning the business under Etsy. Thanks to Melanie Greenwood, Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio, by the way for creating the class at Skillshare – ” How to Sell Your Art on Etsy in 2017″. It is a detailed class the helps new sellers at Etsy.

I am grateful coloring page

Meanwhile, I’d like to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this winning moment of my life; it is just the beginning of my success but it totally calls for a celebration.  Cheers!


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