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DIY String Star Ornaments

This string star ornament is a budget-friendly, easy DIY project, and a great add-on to your Christmas decor.

Jute Twine Star

Our Christmas theme this year is something rustic, and my sister was energetic enough to DIY the majority of the ornaments. One of the decorations that she created is the string star ornaments made out of jute twine and some white strings.

BPS neon lights are also a good option if you want to create a more festive mood. Any style can be applied to them. This is a great Christmas decoration since you can pick whether to place a little neon light on the Christmas tree or a giant neon light on the wall for a party. This is a good idea if you enjoy DIY. Learn more.

Neon Signs

Well, initially, she planned only to use jute twine, but it turned out less attractive. So she decided to use white strings as well, which makes the Christmas tree look lively.

These star ornaments are easy to make. You can watch the video on how we did it on our Youtube channel (embedded here) or check the step-by-step photo below.

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DIY String Star Ornaments

You’ll need:

Saran/Cling Wrap
Cork Board
Star Template
Jute Twine / String / Yarn

Download Star Template

First, put the star template on top of the corkboard and wrap it with saran wrap. This will prevent the string from sticking into the paper.

Then, put the pins on the 5 points of the star.

String Star Ornament

Make the frame of the star first.

Mix 4 parts of glue to 1 part of water.

Cut about 2 meters of twine/string (depending on how big your star template is). Then, soak it in the glue mixture. Take away the excess glue out of the string.

Jute Twine Star

Following the star template, wrap the string around the pins. Let it dry completely.

String Star

When the frame of the star is dry, it’s time to add another layer of string around it.

Cut the desired length of string, soak it in the glue mixture and take the excess glue. Then wrap it on the frame. You can add more layers if you want. Then let it dry completely.

String Star Ornament

(Optional) Add glitters to bring bling on your ornaments. You can also use jute twine and white string in the same star.

String Star Ornament

And that’s it! Easy peasy DIY string star. A bit messy to make, but we love how it turned out.

I hope you enjoy this DIY.

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how to make. a string ball

These are the strings that we used by the way: 

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Jute Twine Star

36 thoughts on “DIY String Star Ornaments”

  1. Looks simple and great. How long is drying time in between steps as I am debating doing for gift exchange event and would love to try this as an activity.

    1. Thank you. It took us probably 30 minutes to 1 hour. We left it dry on top of the heater vent that’s why it was fasted to dry them. But I believe it will take a day if you will just let it air dry.

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    1. It depends on the weather condition or the environment.

      We did this during winter time and let the star dry right on the furnace, and it took approximately 4 hours to dry.

  6. I have done this type of project over balloons, but never thought about making stars. Great idea and am looking forward to doing this project right after Thanksgiving. I bet it would look very pretty to use butcher’s string – the red and white (or green and white) kinds. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Thank you Dotty-Kay!

      I think your idea is great. Let me see your finish product, tag us at IG, FB or Pinterest @eytozeecreative

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  9. I was really excited about this project and got everything set up to make these stars. So disappointed, epic fail! I decided to give it another shot and still didn’t work. The strings dried but unfortunately don’t stick together. I’m trying now to resorect with hot glue and modge podge but won’t be making anymore. This does not work like shown in video.

  10. Hi, do you think you could layer multiple star shapes around the pins at the one time? It would take longer to dry but do you think it should work? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks.

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