elastic headband for baby

DIY Elastic Headband for Baby

elastic headband for baby

My 6 months old niece is known for her gigantic flower headband. She has several pieces which I guess my sister’s obsession. Besides it compliments her bald head (he hair grows soooo slow, we’re wondering if it’s gonna be like my sister’s kinky hair… hope not!)

With her headband collections, we came to the point of making our own and sell it online. I know it’s gonna be a good venture. We we’re searching for materials and we found some interesting elastic lace online. Although we didn’t buy it since we’re not sure with this business thing, we found this flower headpiece on sale at Stitches. And since it has 9 flowers attached in it then we can use the flowers and recreate several pieces of baby headband.

Flower Head Piece

Isn’t she adorable?

The flowers are perfect with the crocheted lace I won from Personally Andrea’s giveaway  last December. I forgot to blog about it, but I posted the great craft supplies I won in my Instagram account.

DIY Baby Elastic Headband

Baby Aira is so excited with my DIY headband for her

DIY Elastic Headband for Baby


  • Scissor
  • Glue Gun
  • Crocheted Lace (elastic lace will be great for this project) or use
  • Garter (to connect two ends of the lace and to make the piece extendable)
  • Then the flowers

Materials DIY Headband

 Make It!

  1. Measure the circumference or size of the baby’s head.
  2. Cut the desired length of the lace. See to it that there will be enough space to attached the garter.
  3. Sew the end of the lace with the garter and attach the other end.
  4. Then position the flowers on the lace. Use glue gun to attach it.

Here’s my final output. We used the headband for her pictorial  for her baptismal (digital) invitation card.

Elastic Headband for baby

On the side note, our siblings back home were worried that this kiddo is used to expensive things. They just don’t know that most of Aira’s stuff were given to her, some are from garage sale for a very low price or totally free and others were just made by her crafty aunt… ‘coz heck me and my sister are both frugal and spending too much money is big no no for us.

elastic headband for baby

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