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Gift tag using air dry clay

DIY Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments and Gift Tags

It’s time to make some craft using air-dry clay (ADC). And since Christmas is approaching, I will show you how I create cute Christmas ornaments and gift tags using air-dry clay that I made

If you don’t like to make air dry clay, you can buy ready-to-use clays. I haven’t bought one. But I heard a lot about Modeling Clay by DAS. By the way, you can also search for porcelain clay. It is the other name for ADC.

Making Christmas Ornaments and Gift Tags Using Air Dry Clay


Air Dry Clay
Cookie Cutter 
Rolling Pin (I used an acrylic roller)
Wax Paper
Acrylic Paints 
Watercolour Paints
Jute Twine
(Optional) Letter Stamp 

First, roll air dry clay on top of wax paper, in whatever thickness you wish. Mine is about 4 mm thick. 

Use a cookie cutter to cut your desired shapes. I use round and star cookie cutters.

Create a hole by punching a straw on it.

(Optional) Stamp letters if you want something personalize gift tags.

Let it dry. It took four days before my cut clays dried. 

Sand if you want to get a polished look. I prefer the imperfect look of the cut clays.

Different Ways to Decorate Your Air Dry Clay Ornaments

1. Plain and Simple

You can leave the ornaments as is, use jute twine, and hang it on your Christmas tree.

I think this is a perfect add-on to our rustic-theme Christmas tree.

See how beautiful this gift tag.

Gift tags using air dry clay

2. Write Using a Marker

I love the metallic pen from Sharpie.

3. Paint

You can also use any medium to paint on it.

I used acrylic paints to make these plaid Christmas ornaments. (Watch it here)

Plaid Christmas ornaments using air dry clay
Plaid Christmas ornaments using air dry clay

Painting using watercolour. This is my favourite. I think I’ll paint more for gift tags.

Watercolor painting on air dry clay

There are so many cool projects I could think of using air-dry clay. Although I find it hard to DIY my own ADC, I can’t resist but make another batch. Or probably I’ll try a ready-to-use one.

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