diaper invitation for baby shower

Diaper Baby Shower Invitation

Would it not be because of Pinterest, the baby shower invitation would be as simple as a rectangular card with some illustrations probably. Thankfully I found some interesting ideas from the said site. One that really struck me is the baby diaper invitation card. Although it’s gonna be tedious on my part to make it, but for me the more unique the better.

diaper invitation for baby shower

I like the idea of using different scrapbook paper with baby theme, the only thing is it’s more expensive. Budget wise, I ended up using two big white cardboard from dollar store which cost me CAD $1.00. Out from the two cardboard, I made 20 pieces of diaper invitation.

I patterned the template for baby diaper from Martha Stewart site. But made some adjustment. Size of the diaper envelope is about 7.5 cm by 11.5 cm. But you can adjust it if you want bigger or smaller size.

diaper invitation for baby shower


Actually the diaper is an envelope of the invitation. And the details of the event are computerized then pasted in a pink craft paper which you can just pull. Yo can either do that or directly print the details on the pull-out sheet. You can download the template here.

To complete the look of this diaper, I added a safety pin with pink ribbon tied on it.


I have to be honest, the downside of this kind of invitation is too much waste of paper unlike the traditional rectangular invitation plus it’s a lot of work. But I can’t resist the cuteness of it.

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