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Design Plans for My Room: Changes for Year 2018

Design has always been part of my heart. I should have taken this path for my career but during that time I am not courageous enough to take designing degree. So lately, it crossed in my mind to go for design school specializing interior design for small spaces.

Why small spaces? Maybe because it is the trend now. As you notice builders are now constructing small spaces and in vertical buildings. I believe developers are aiming of selling more properties by doing this. Besides population grows rapidly.

With my passion for home design, I guess I’ll include home design as a category for this blog. Whether I’d be able to go to school or not, I can experiment it with my own little space in our rented house. I have so much plan for my room the only thing that hinders me is that it is a rented place, thus, I cannot do much about changing things so it’s been a boring room since I came in six years ago.

My Room, My Project

The painting of the wall of my room is a very bright pink. I love pink but in different tone. With the current color of the walls I am limited to matching decors around. The carpet is brown and matched with dark brown curtain. And most of my furniture are in brown. These make my room so dark and smaller. And I forgot to mention my bed cover is dark printed color.

As a person with passion in art, obviously my abode is not the ideal designer’s room.

So My Plan …

My color pallet will be pink (as I can’t change the wall), black ,white and a dash of gold. Sort of Kate Spade inspired room.


I can change the color of the wall but I don’t want to spend money on something that I will not own. So repainting the wall is not an option.

Apparently, I cannot change the carpet. So, changes will basically done on furniture and decors.

Let’s start with the windows. Luckily my window is wide but it needs a TLC. The curtain that I’ve been using are more than six years and some ring pieces for the curtain rods are missing. Definitely, I need to change it with something bright like burlap curtain panels in beige. burlap curtain panels

For furniture, a revamp will do. I will be repainting it with color white or at least close to that color. This should matched my  working table which is in color black and white. It is actually made of pallet that my brother-in-law DIYed.

For decors, I have frames that I bought in a thrift store that needs repainting. So those stuff will be on white as well and some will be in gold.

Of course my bedding has need to be changed too. I want white, but any lighter color that will compliment my wall is a perfect match.

Black faux furs for throw pillow? Why not it will surely add character to my room.

I will also add a painting with gold leaf accents. I have saved a pin for an inspiration for my wall art.

I might also go for minimalism. I want to do that for a long time. But being an artist, I find it hard to execute minimalism. Probably, I just need to focus on what I really want as a designer to minimize my hoarding of craft materials. Anyway, having this plan is already a good start to welcome the New Year. I believe changing it will surely gives me a positive vibes in my room. I need it as it is my comfort zone… the only place I feel serenity.

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