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Cute Jellyfish Craft Using Egg Carton

This jellyfish craft is an excellent idea for your kid’s crafts and activities, and a great addition to their sea creature collection.

There are so many ways you can use egg carton for crafting, including paper mache. But my favourite is using it for kid’s craft and activities.

My niece and I made cute bees using the egg carton, and she had so much fun painting them. You can check the blog post here or the video on our YouTube channel.

This time, we made sea creatures. It could be an octopus, but I prefer to say it’s jellyfish.

How to Make a Jellyfish Out of Egg Carton

Although this craft is intended for kids, adult supervision is still necessary. As you can see in my video tutorial below, I used a sharp cutter to cut the egg carton.

I also used hot glue to connect the tentacles to the jellyfish’s head. You can opt for glue if you want your kids to do this part.


● Egg Carton
Acrylic Paints
Googly Eyes
● Cutter
● Glue/Hot Glue
Crepe Paper or yarn
● String

Choose the part of the egg carton that you think is great for the head of the jellyfish. Cut and clean the edges.

Paint it with your choice of colour of acrylic paint. Let your kids do this part, they’ll surely love to do it. Let it dry completely.

jellyfish craft

Cut the crepe paper into strips and attached it to the head.

Then put the googly eyes using a glue/hot glue.

jellyfish craft

Make a hole on the head and attached the string.

jellyfish craft

Then hang it.

If you like more kid’s craft and activities you can read our craft ideas in these blog posts or watch our YouTube channel.

jellyfish craft

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