Fashion Illustration

Chic Stylish Denim Onesie Fashion Illustration

Denim jeans is a basic must-have in somebody’s closet. Unless if your religion prohibited you to wear one. But majority wears it as an everyday clothing. Thus it has always its mark in the fashion industry.

Although denim is popular for pants and jackets, fashion designer has evolve their designs into something stylish denim clothing. Go search in Google for denim fashions! But this one that I’m illustrating is guaranteed unique and stylish….

The Chic Stylish Denim Onesie Fashion Illustration

When my cousin asked me to make some fashion illustration of her items my eyes have set on this chic denim onesie. I adore it but I just don’t have the confidence to wear it.

This chic denim onesie is one of a kind. That’s why I like ”ukay-ukay” or used clothes because items are usually unique.

chic denim onesie

And so I turned my love, my frustration of wanting to wear such chic style denim clothes into a watercolor illustration. Portraying myself as a chic oozing with confidence no matter what my hair looks like or how sexy the clothes I’m wearing.

Fashion Illustration

I’m just daydreaming though… But from my deepest core, a stylish chic in me has been dying to come out and show a different side of me – a wish of “a plane Jane no more”

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