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candy land themed party

Candy Land Themed Party

I‘ve been dying to hit my blogging goal. But opportunities just won’t let me. Great opportunities though…. we’ve been busy doing decors for themed parties. We didn’t plan to become an official decorator but I guess we are leading that way as more friends asked us to do it. The best thing is that we are now earning. Isn’t it awesome when you are turning your passion into profit?

Another themed party that we did was a Candy Land Themed Party. Sounds easy and fun to do. But a special request was to make the color in pastel.

Great! We love pastel.

But only we realized that it was hard to get that color, unless you will buy several color of pastel paints. Which is costly. And as I always mentioned in my other blog posts, as much as possible we have to make the decor a budget friendly without sacrificing the quality of the output.

There is also the option of choosing neon signs in pastel colors, and these neon signs can be customized according to your specifications.

I would recommend warm yellow if you are looking for pastel colors, as it will make people feel comfortable in the atmosphere. In addition to this, the price is also less expensive than buying multiple colors of paint, making it a good choice for people who want to mix colors.

candy land themed party

Also we live in a small town and you can’t get materials easily. But we figured it out by doing paper mache to make the giant candy and have it painted in pastel (good thing we have paints left so I ended up mixing paints to achieve the pastel color).

I wasn’t satisfied with the paper mache though because of its flaws or maybe because I am not really a master of this craft since it’s my second time to do it (first, was a school project when I was elementary).

Actually the better way to create the giant candy props is  to use a Styrofoam boards and paint it. But we realized it when we were actually 90% done. At that point I wanted to throw the props and do it all over again…

Well the paper mache props that we made were actually nice. And I loved it. It’s just that if I only think about the styrofoam from the beginning then I have saved time to create more props.

Giant Candies for Candy Land Themed Party

Mostly we used pool noodles as main material for the props. We got the idea from Youtube and Pinterest. But to achieve the pastel color we covered it first with strips of newspaper (paper mache), painted it with white, then painted with different colors of pastel.

You can also skip the newspaper. I’ve watched a tutorial about using pool noodle as pedestal. They used a spray paint primer and some sort of glue to cover spaces in between the noodles.

candy land themed party

Candy Cane

Put a wire (we used wire from hanger) inside the pool noodle and bend it. We covered it with newspaper strips then painted it to look like a candy cane.


(UPDATE) Check my blog post on how to make a giant lollipop. Or you can watch this video.


At least three pool noodles were used for each giant lollipop. You just need to form it into spiral. Use glue gun to secure. Do this in a well ventilated area because it releases bad fumes. I believe you can used a contact cement to adhere and secure the spiral instead of using glue gun. Cover  it with strips of newspaper and paint it accordingly.

To  add the sugary coated effect of the lollipop spread glue over it and cover with epsom salt.

giant lollipop


Cut pool noodles in half then adhere it around a  cylindrical tube (we got it from the core of a saran wrap) using glue gun or contact cement. Covered it with newspaper and paint it. I got the idea from this pinned post.

How to make giant marshmallow

Gum Drop

The frame of the gum drop is actually a KFC bucket. Fill the bottom of the bucket with paper clay or cut papers then cover it with newspaper. Paint with white first then the desired color. To make the sugar coat,  mix epsom salt and iridescent glitter.

Mint Candy

It is made out of cardboard formed into a cylinder with about 2 inches thickness. Cover it with strips of news paper and painted with mint color. Then put some glue on the surface and sprinkled some epsom salt for sugar coat effect.

Icing Coated Wafer

giant icing coated wafer

I used 2-ply corrugated board for this. To make the texture of the wafer, I criss-crossed a string just like what is shown in the picture below. Cover it with newspaper then paint. Also added an insulation foam as an icing and sprinkled it with pastel colored cut-out paper.

giant wafer

Other Props:


The paper liner for the cupcake is made out from a corrugated box which we painted.  For the cupcake, the core is actually made out of layers of cutout papers. I covered it with saran wrap then did a paper mache. Paint it with pastel pink. For the icing we used this insulating spray foam that you can find in a hardware. Home depot has this and you can order it online.  Also I topped it with styrofoam ball which is painted pink as cherry.

giant ice cream

Ice Cream

This is the most tedious props. But I tell you…. it’s worth the effort! And I’d say of all the props I am proud of this the most. And because making this is something tricky, I made a separate post on how to make a giant ice cream.


Original plan is to make three houses/buildings. One should have a windmill that has to rotate. I am crazy about it, but just got no time to do it.

The two houses are actually from the castle I made for the Frozen Themed party that I split into two and added some frosting and sprinkles to fit for the Candy Land Themed Party.

With the aid of these props, more guests will be able to take part in the Candy Land themed celebration. Children make up the majority of the audience, thus custom keychains bulk featuring various sweet designs will be adored by kids and draw more participants. Keychains are inexpensive but useful, making them excellent party favors or promotional items.

candy land themed party

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  1. Hi, would you be able to make a video tutorial for the cupcake? I believe I understand how to make all the props except that one is hard for me to understand.

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