Superhero themed party

Baste’s Superheroes Themed Party

Superhero themed party

Few weeks after Aira’s Little Red Riding Hood Themed Party, a friend approached my sister and asked or help for her son’s birthday. With 1 month of preparation time, not to mention that we live in a small town with limited supplies, we know it’s gonna be a challenging job. Anyways we ended up saying yes as long as they provide us with the materials that we needed. Besides it’s my sister’s godson.

The Superhero Themed Party Details

We DIY most of the décor for the party coz as much as possible we will do it in a low budget but without sacrificing the quality.

Buildings. Number one that we asked are boxes with different dimensions for the building. We painted it with black. We also cut rectangles using different colored paper for the window. And added some stars with texts that depicts actions like: “Pow”, “Kaboom”, “Zing”. .

Superhero themed party

The box building are so easy to install in the venue.

Name “Baste” in 3D. The little boy’s name is Sebastian. But I personally asked if we can shorten it since I got no enough time to make the letters. Plus we do not have enough materials to make the full name. The material that they provide me was a very sturdy Styrofoam which they got from a home construction site.

I did a draft of the name BASTE on the Styrofoam and my brother in-law did the cutting. As I said it’s sturdy and it needs a muscle to cut the letters.

Superhero themed party

To suit the theme, I designed each letter with superhero logo:

B – Captain America
A – Green Lantern
S – Spider Man
T – Batman
E – Superman

Dessert Table Backdrop. I only cut a silhouette of a building on different shapes and height. But unlike the boxes, what I did is make hole for the window and place the colored paper at the back. Which is a bit harder and I prefer what we did with the boxes.

Superhero themed party

Table centerpiece. We made cubes, 5 x 5 x 5 in measurement, for the center piece. A silhouette building is glued in each side of the box. Using different size and forms of the building.

For the windows of the building, at first I made a rectangle hole. But this technique definitely needs patience and ample time. I also tried to us a single puncher for the window detail. But it means circular window. I know there are building with windows like that but I cannot use it for the all buildings.

Superhero themed party


The best way to make a window detail is using a white out tape. Makes the job super easy and it looks good too.
For more details of the centerpiece. We also added texts that depicts actions like: “Pow”, “Kaboom”, “Zing” and the like, and the logos of superheroes which is secured using barbecue stick. For safety purpose we cut the pointed tip of the barbecue stick.

Bantings. A “Happy birthday” Banting was also added with the Superman Logo background.

Balloons. The only part of the Décor that we didn’t DIY. Luckily somebody donated superhero characters balloons. It really added a wow factor of the whole decorations.


At that point I and my sister both know that this is what we are called to do. Check my next post for our next project after that Superhero themed party.

superhero themed party

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