how to make a dahlia paper

Baptism Backdrop Idea and DIY Dahlia Flower

how to make a dahlia paper

Themed party is becoming popular nowadays. When you search in Pinterest alone you will definitely be wowed how gorgeous the different themes you can play with when you host a party; from the decorations to set-up of foods.

Garden Set-up Party

Adding balloons will make a big difference to your set-up. It’s quick, easy and cheap!

Although it is not necessary to do a theme party, but adding some extra artistic touch on it will surely please you and yes…. you’ll hear praises from your visitors. But here’s my thought, as long as you have the budget then why not add extra details of the set-up of your party. Always keep in mind to stick on the budget because when you find ideas online, you will surely be overwhelmed with the pictures alone and you will end up buying things beyond your budget. Uhmmm…. let may say, you’ll end up spending more money for decorations than for your foods. Yes, that’s right! ‘Coz for me, in the name of prettifying things I sometimes …. no usually… neglect the word budget. Hahaha… but I learned my lesson…

September 19, 2015 was my niece baptism. Prior to that I and my sister are brainstorming for the decorations. But we have  a limited budget… actually no budget fr it at all. That time I am tempted to spend money for the decorations… but I controlled myself from doing so. Then sister had this “aha!” moment when she finds some dahlia flowers made craft papers. Yes! It was my sister who has the idea. But funny when I got all the praises. Poor sissy. The decoration ideas are actually a collaborative ideas of me and my sister.

Baptism decor

Baby Aira is checking out the decoration.
This is the backdrop in the area where we serve the foods which is actually the garage.

Baptism Backdrop Idea

Decorated the wall of the garage with the baby’s name and
dahlia flowers made from old books and magazines.

The letters are supposed to be bigger and 3D that could stand in the ground since the party will be at our backyard. But we don’t have enough cardboard thus decided to cut big letters and put it on the wall of the garage. The letters are cut from big moving boxes that my sister’s friend left (price $0.00). I just covered it with pink ribbons. Ribbons cost us nothing because they are actually a liner for hockey rink which my sister’s partner dig it in from scrap garbage can. Why can’t people see value of those scraps?

To complete the look of the backdrop, we add on the different dahlia flowers made from very old books that we found at our garage. The cost is $0.00. Well except that we spent a little for glue sticks only, roughly $7.00. Not bad at all.


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DIY Dahlia Flower Made from Old Books

how to make a dahlia paper

  1. Make a cone out of the pages of the old books. Make as many as you can.
  2. Create a base for the flower buy cutting a circle out of old cereal boxes or any cardboard that will hold the weight of the petals.
  3. Start with the bottom layer. Paste petals individually on the outermost of the circle. No need to put the petals close to each other as it may look too crowd.
  4. Then add the next layer. Paste in on top where the space of two petals located. Then do the same until you’ll reach the center part.
  5. If you see spaces, just fill in with cones.

This paper dahlia flower is great for backdrop for your party decor, photo booth, an add on to your vintage party theme, or simply a decoration to your room. Easy and cost you almost nothing.

how to make a dahlia paper

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