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It’s been two years since the last time I did some fashion illustration. It was merely for fun. But I admit I received  lots of compliments of my artistic design.

My theme was “one dress different embellishments” using beads, sequins and flower petals inspired by Katie Rogers. By the way you can check the hashtag #1dress_different_embellishments for the gallery of my fashion illustration in Instagram.

ballerina illustration
ballerina illustration

ballerina ball gown

I really want to pursue my passion in fashion illustration. I even bought a book “The Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration Techniques” by Nunnelly. But somehow my interest shifted to watercolor. Well if you read my “About Me” page then it won’t be a surprise to you if I can’t focus in one category of art.

I was into floral watercolor. And challenged myself to do watercolor of birth flower for the whole year of 2015. Watercolor is addicting and really fell in love with it together with brush lettering. So drawing was set aside.

But whenever I see my IG feed with fashion illustration from Inslee, PatFancyGirl, KarenOrrIllustration, to name a few, I have this longing to hold my pen and draw. And I am hesitant about using watercolor medium in doing fashion illustration. I lack of confidence.

And here comes my cousin who asked a favor from me to do a logo design for her boutique, a second hand shop. She showed me some samples which apparently she downloaded from the internet. She used it for a while but stop considering the legal issues of using it.

Her logo was composed of fashion illustration. I’m honestly challenge and committed to make her one. It took me months to start it because as much as possible I want to use the professional watercolor brands but is just so expensive. So I ended up using the cheap ones. Anyways if it won’t give me the good quality then I can just trash it and make a new one.

I based my illustration from her items on sale. I am eyeing on the dress shown in the picture below. If only i’m in Philippines I might have bought different dresses from her. She has a good collection of secondhand items.


And here’s my watercolor illustration of the dress

Fashion Illustration in watercolor

I am not sure if I will add a purse in it, thus the pencil outline on it. But as for now I am satisfied with the output. I will make more of fashion illustration for the logo. Maybe will do with tattered denims, as per request of my cousin. But Looking at her collections want me to draw all of it.


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