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Air-Dry Clay Leaf Imprint Trinket Dish

Create a stunning piece of ornament using a leaf imprint on air-dry clay. It’s classy, functional, and easy to make.

Trinket Dish Air Dry Clay

I saw this picture on IG, and I fell in love with this gold leaf dish. It can be used as a trinket dish, a paperweight, or simply a prop for a flat-lay photo.

So I decided to create my version using air-dry clay. 

If you are following my blog, I made my own air-dry clay. There are two recipes that I tried, the cooked and no-cooked air-dry clay. But this time, I am using the DAS brand, and it’s my first time using store-bought air-dry clay.

DAS Air Dry Clay

So I made this project just right on time before winter took over and had a chance to get a leaf for this project. 

How to Make Air-Dry Clay Leaf Imprint Trinket Dish

Watch this video on how I made this classic piece of art. 

You’ll Need:

Air-Dry Clay (I used DAS Clay)
Spray Paint (Your choice of color) 
Leaf (Choose a leaf with thicker veins )
Roller (or empty bottle)
Cling Wrap

Choose a leaf. I used the hollyhock leaf since it’s big and I love the shape of it. Make sure to clean your leaf before using it. You don’t want unwanted debris or creature sticking to the clay. (I admit I forgot to do this part).

Prepare your DAS Air-Dry clay. Just take an amount big enough for the leaf to be imprinted. And make sure to seal the package and place it in an airtight container.

Roll out the air dry clay about 1/4 inch thick. You don’t need a fancy tool, an empty bottle works perfectly.

Trinket Dish Air Dry Clay

Lay the leaf on top of it, and use the bottle or roller to press the leaf carefully on the clay.

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

Use a knife to cut the clay around the leaf. 

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

Then remove the leaf.

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

Line the bowl with a cling wrap. Then carefully place the leaf on it and mould it to the shape you want. 

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

Let it dry completely. 

The drying time depends on the thickness of the clay and the temperature and humidity of the room. For this project, it took 3 days to completely dry.

(Optional) Smoothen the edges by sanding

Once the clay leaf is fully dry, paint it with acrylic paint, watercolour, or use spray paint. 

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

With watercolour paint, you may want to layer more paints and apply varnish to intensify the colour.



My Thoughts About This Project.

I love how this leaf bowl ornament turned out. It’s one of a kind, classy piece that I can use for my photoshoots. It’s also functional; it can be used as a trinket dish, keyholder, potpourri container, or paperweight.  

This can be also made with your kids. I know they will love this nature-inspired craft. 

Leaf Imprint Air-Dry Clay

If you like this craft, make sure to check this similar DIY. That you can gift to your loved ones.

Air Dry Clay

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